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PLUS SIZE ART: Your Daily OOTD with Cherry from Studio Killers

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I do love a great concept, especially in art. But I love it even better when it is plus size art. So, when one of YOU shared with me a few links over on Facebook, (are you following me over there?) and introduced me to Cherry from Studio Killers, I was instantly enamored with them and had to share some of the looks with you for a few good reasons!

Plus Size Art: OOTD with Cherry from Studio Killers

Okay. Let me tell you, I am DYING over the fabulous and sassy and spunky outfit post art sketches! LOVE! Naturally I went on a hunt, trying to learn more, to get a better understanding of the group that is Studio Killers. Studio Killers is an electronic audio visual collective comprised of Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink. And today, we are here to chat about Cherry.

Cherry, the plus size edgy artist is the lead female of the group and she made a FB page of her outfits. I mean can we say BRILLIANT? I must say, it has been a while that an outfit post via art has inspired me so, but yo… I am inspired. HYPED. And I have to share with you…

Your Daily OOTD with Cherry from Studio Killers

You MUST check out her latest Video!

BUT WAIT! There is more!

Studio Killers also have a Kickstarter!

YES, honeyyy! They are raising funds to perform “LIVE” at a few events!

Here are the details:

“Studio Killers are co-headlining two major festival gigs in Finland in July, performing to 10,000 people at each. We’re going to be breaking through technological barriers to bring this show to you, which is why we’re doing a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the production costs.

We are passionate about immersing you in our world and we want you to be part of it. Even if you can’t get to one of our early performances, your support for our campaign will hopefully enable us to take our Studio Killers live show round the world.”

If this is something you want to get behind, visit the Studio Killers Kickstarter page here!

Also if yo ulove the art, you can check out the Society 6 Studio Killers Shop here! In the meantime, please visit Cherry’s Facebook page to stay up on her latest outfit posts! Isn’t this such a cool and amazingly dressed art feature? I want her entire closet already… who is with me here?

What are we thinking about Cherry’s Looks? DO you love? Are you a fan? Let me know!

PS. Thank you Vicky H. for the tip!

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