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Jude Valentin

How the Commodification of Body Positivity is Leaving Fat Bodies Behind

There are various conversations around the phrase body positivity about who and where it can be used. We talk about this and share a little history.

Lizzo In Red Sequins Bodysuit

Who is Lizzo AND Why You Should Know (and Love) Her!

Lizzo is everything we didn’t know we needed. Seriously, the girl has ALL the moves. We love Lizzo for not only being the talented Queen that she is.

Phat Girl Fresh x Wendy S Collection- The Big Drip Collection

Phat Girl Fresh and The Wendy S. Collection Collab for the Big Drip Collection!

Maui of Phat Girl Fresh has teamed up with The Wendy S. Collection to bring us their first collaboration, the Big Drip Collection, up through a 5x!

Get Into This Luxury Plus Size Loungewear Brand UR2MUCH

Elevate that Suit! – Swimsuit Cover-ups For Every Fashionista

Whether you choose to don a two piece bikini or a classic one piece look, there is a cover-up option to elevate your look to the next level. 

Shrill Pool Party on Hulu

7 Must Attend Plus Size Friendly Pool Parties this Summer!

Mark your calendars, plus size babes! It’s going to be a scorching summer and what better way to cool off than taking a dip in the pool. (Find some plus size swimsuit…

8 Fabulous Plus Size Bloggers Over 40 & Killin' It!

8 Fabulous 40+ Plus Size Bloggers that are Defying the “Rules” & Killin’ the Game!

Over 40 and looking for some style inspiration? These 8 plus size bloggers are defying the “rules” and showing you that style & trend have no age limit!