NEW VIDEO: Plus Size Spring Trends- Don’t Knock It Until You Rock It

Hey girl heyyyy! I am back today with a new video for you! Have you been checking out my videos? For the past few months, I have been doing weekly videos (almost weekly ones) that talk about trends, designers, random thoughts, and observations of the plus size fashion community and news. So what is on the agenda for today? Well, it is all about Plus Size Spring Trends- Don’t Knock It Until You Rock It!

Many times I hear you say “oh, that would never look good on me” and quite often, many of you haven’t tried or it has been QUITE some time since you have tried the trend.

UMMMM. Don’t Knock It Till You Rock It

I wanted to talk about these mental roadblocks, these “rules” we placed on ourselves or have grown up with. SO please, take a few moments and check out the video on top!

All done? What did you think?

Was this a bit relevant to you? Do you find yourself falling into these restrictions? Better yet, what rules have you learned from your mother or loved ones that you now realize have held you back from fully experiencing your own personal style?

I will never forget my bout with red. Overcoming this was such an amazing feeling. I literally felt GROWN the first time I rocked a red dress, and understanding its appeal? Now I understand my mother’s concern and limitation on this hue… does wonders for a man’s mind I must say…

As it pertains to the plus size spring trends, there are few that are more daring and unique to what we have seen and played in. But here is the thing, plus size fashion is and can be quite fun, if you let it be and embrace the newness of all the plus size options we have!

This is one of the reasons why I started my forum- a place for you to share, ask, interact, and chat with others who are JUST LIKE YOU!

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2014 Plus Size Spring Trends Guide!

What do you think of some of the spring trends? Which personal rules have you found to hold you back in exploring your own plus size personal style? Let’s talk about it!

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