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Mia Amber- a retrospect on her CNN interview

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Earlier this week, I posted the transcripts of Mia Amber’s CNN debut discussing Obesity in America. There were some words she said that were offensive to some, and she has graciously sent me over her thoughts and reflections on what she was trying to say.

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Mia Amber’s Thoughts on her CNN Interview

Hi Marie,

Thank you so much for posting the transcript from CNN and for all of your support.

I made a comment on CNN that is really bothering me and it’s come up a few times on different sites– it was about Gay people “playing straight.” You were correct in your explanation to a prior comment where you tried to explain it for me and I appreciate it.

Sometimes my passion for the life I lead overpowers my thought process and things I say don’t come across the way they were intended.

In NO WAY did I mean to imply that being gay was easy or that “hiding” it was a simple choice. I meant that no one knows who you are in life until you tell them, however, “fat” is what it is 24 hours a day and there’s no guessing behind it.

People make assumptions about you based on how you look and its wrong all the way around.

I was also not trying to compare size acceptance to the Gay Rights Movement. I can’t begin to imagine the struggles someone in the LGBT community goes through in order to simply be themselves.

If my words offended you or were seen as an insult to your community please accept this as an apology. I truly apologize and hope that we can all move forward…together.

Thank you,
Mia Amber Davis

I hope this answers or clarifies any concerns! Did you get the chance to read the interesting interview? Please read now and share your thoughts!

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