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His Two Cents: I NEED You to Love YOU. A Poem by Spoken Fragments

Marie’s Note: While I was perusing Instagram, I came across a poem and image that stopped me in my tracks and if you reallllly know me, then you know I love a great poem. So I asked the writer if we could publish his poem on the blog and he obliged. Echoing the sentiments that DJ has shared in the past, this poem touched me and many of his readers over on Instagram. Accompanied by the artwork of @xmissjackson, please enjoy the read and if you love their work, please give them a follow…

 I NEED You to Love YOU.

Beauty by @XmissjacksonI need you to love you. I’m not saying this because I find you physically attractive
And I’m not trying to spit game, hoping your defense relaxes
I’m saying this because I’m really tired of you being self critical
I’m tired of you not realizing your own unique beauty and self-shaming, sounding miserable
I honestly don’t want your confidence tied solely to my words of affirmation
For you have the power in those Thick hips you hate to push out creation
You life giver you… ability to cause a scene
So don’t check for another you… just like you… in the pages of a magazine
Your unique build and one of a kind frame
Is the work of master builder, so don’t be tricked into shame
And if you love you truly and want to change what you see
You will still receive and hear this same love coming from me
I just need you to love the you that’s not defined by weight
Not your calorie count, carb intake, size, nor shape
I need you to love you, how you should have since day one
Before someone else tried to tell you, calling yourself beautiful outside of their standards was dumb
I need you to love you, to the point that every time you undress
You can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “YES, GODDESS YESSSSS”

@audreylittie ? #Mood #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #ArtLife #ArtRage

A photo posted by Miss Jackson? (@xmissjackson) on

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Curvy CEO

    February 25, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    I needed this. Thank you for posting.

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