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Guest Blog: Your Plus Size Essential: The Blazer

Guest Blog: Your Plus Size Essential: The Blazer

Today, we welcome Guest Blogger, Jessica from Chic in Every City! Today she is talking all about Blazers- and knowing me and my love for jackets, coats, and all of those fabulous finds to polish your look- I am excited to share with you her fabulous read!

The Blazer

Finding a trendy plus size blazer is no easy feat: designs are often too boxy and, to add insult to injury, the sleeves are almost always 3/4 length. (Because plus size women always want to look like one of Raphael’s cherubs of his Sistene Madonna??) What’s most ironic is that the blazer is a flattering style on everyone, regardless of body shape!

Fortunately, several fun styles have started to appear in plus sizes, including the “Boyfriend Blazer”. They are cut long to hit below the hip and are almost exclusively worn with the sleeves rolled up (when lined) or pushed back. Other styles including cropped, double breast and jersey are available online and in stores!

This spring, pair your blazer with jeans, jeggings, shorts, skirts, you name it!  (Without the winter parka on top, of course).

The Blazer

Clothing in Photographs: BLAZER – Tahari, PANTS – City Chic Self Tie Cargo, TOP – American Apparel, BOOTS – Romanitc Soles (, ACCESSORIES – Express.


If you’re struggling to find cute plus size blazers, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

The Plus Size Blazer

Newport News Ponté-Knit Boyfriend Blazer, Calvin Klein Plus One Button Blazer, Newport News Stretch Girlfriend Blazer, Halogen by Nordstrom Single Button Blazer (straight size, cut widely), K-DASH by Kardashian Embellished Boyfriend Jacket, K-DASH by Kardashian Twill Blazer with Shawl Collar, and Jessica London Bi-Stretch Blazer.


TAILORING: Especially if you’re buying online, buy yours a bit large (if possible) and tailor it to fit your body. It usually costs around $8-$15 and it’s worth it because you’ll get easily twice as much wear out it!

BODY SHAPE TRUMPS TRENDS: If a particular trend makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t bother! For example, if long ones overwhelm you, stick to shorter or even cropped blazers. Wear what you like!

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BLACK then NAVY then YOUR PICK: Start with a black one because you’ll get a ton of wear out of it, then make your way to navy which is a great spring/summer neutral. After that, experiment with colors!! Try this great peach one from Asos Curve! (and then email me to let me know how it goes :-).

Stay fabulous, ladies!

I had a blast reading Jessica’s post! What do you think? Are you a fan! Do you don a blazer? Where do you get yours? How do you fashion them?

Make sure you visit Jessica’s blog, Chic in Every City! Thanks Jessica!!!



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  • You make such a good point Jessica about the 3/4 sleeves for plus sizes–why is that?! It’s something I carefully considered when adding a boyfriend blazer to my own line (plus size friendly). I like your suggestion to tailor it, too boxy never looks good on anyone!
    xo Mary Jo

  • Thank you for this article.  I have been online searching for blazers to wear with my spring skirts.  I was having a very hard time finding attractive styles and colors.  I’m excited to read this article and will check all of the suggested retailers.

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