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These Big & Tall Influencers Show You How to Rock JCPenney!

These Big & Tall Influencers Show You How to Rock JCPenney!

Hey guys! As all of you know, The 2017 TCFStyle Expo was last weekend but we still have incredible news to share with you (if you weren’t able to attend, you should definitely check out the recaps and the highlights, it was dope!) One thing that was special at this year’s expo was the addition of Big & Tall mens fashion, the incorporation of this section of the plus size community had a great impact and everybody loved it (especially the ladies hehe).

For this reason, the TCFStyle Expo partnered up with JCPenney to create a campaign for the Big & Tall guys, because they also deserve all the love and recognition! We invited 5 male bloggers from the Big & Tall community to join us and have a fun experience by showing some JCPenney trendy looks at the TCFStyle Expo, and let me tell you, they are looking flyyy! It goes without saying that they had an amazing time, having the opportunity to be part of a large and important brand and wear super trendy outfits was a fun experience.

Take a peek at these handsome plus size influencers who modeled their JCPenney Big & Tall outfits at the expo, be ready for some hotness!

These 5 Big & Tall Influencers Show You How to Rock JCPenney!

So tell me, what do you think about these looks? I can’t pick a favorite, for real, they are all looking great! Marv’s white buttoned shirt with the navy shorts are a must-have outfit for the summer, it feels and looks so cool for a beach trip! And adding a blazer to your casual shirts and short makes you looks super stylish, such a great idea from The Big Fashion Guy!

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Are you ready to get a new looks from the Big & Tall Section of JCPenney? They have great choices for you to create your own style! Now, there’s one thing you should do…

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Which one is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments section!

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