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Getting Ready for New York: My FFFWeek Checklist

Getting Ready for New York: My FFFWeek Checklist

So, NEXT week, it is on. Plus size women from across the world descend upon New York to celebrate fashion, friendship, business, fitness, self-acceptance, and everything else in between… All in the name of community.

Full Figured Fashion Week in New York

I have been going to every FFFWeek since inception and have humbly been a part of the events each year. Seeing plus size women happy, confident, celebratory, excited, and FASHIONABLE gives me a charge of excitement, a sense of pride, and also takes its toll on me- if I am not prepared! Soooo today, I had to share with you (especially if you are coming) my little checklist (make sure you check out FFFWeek’s list too!)  so that I can LIVE fashionably during FFFWEEK!

The 2013 FFFWeek Industry Awards have been announced on Facebook! Click below to check it out!

Full Figured Fashion Week in New York

So if you have never gone and you will be attending, here’s our FFFWeek Checklist!

  • Your Daily Agenda. I know this may sound silly, but you can easily miss an event, lose track of time, or get caught in that dreaded Taxi shift break. Plan accordingly!
  • Wear shoes MADE for walking. Please note, not all flats are made for walking. I am from California and we do not really walk, we drive everywhere, so shoes that seem comfy… HURT.
  • Bring your chargers. As you are snapping photos, tweeting, updating your blog, these things can drain your battery quite fast and be stuck! I am grateful for my HTC backup charger… this thing is kind of fabulous.
  • Bring a great carryall bag. Trying to carry your purse, iPad, Tablet, notebooks, and whatever else your life entails, back to back events will require so much! Just your purse is not enough. Please note, your bag should be made for carrying vast amounts of weight and hopefully has the ability to stay organized. I am rocking my Thursday/Friday bag.
  • Snack Attack. Because the schedule is jam-packed this year and a full week, do note that you may not always have time to go back to your room and change/power up. I ran myself to the floor being so overwhelmed without snacking or eating well throughoutmy day! Don’t forget to eat!
  • A Great Attitude. It is easy to be overwhelmed. There will be lines, waiting, and crowds. In addition to all the events, you are meeting twitter/ Facebook/ and blogger peeps you’ve never met. Everyone will be overwhelmed and over-stimulated, so do not hesitate to introduce yourself and do not assume everyone knows who you are! Make sure you say Hey Girl, Hey if we meet! I love meeting new folks!

PS. Click the pic below to learn about the Face of FFFWeek: Toy MoniqueFull Figured Fashion Week in New York

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I am sooo ready for this! I have readied my wardrobe (carefully and of course last minute), picked out my shoes, and am packed and ready to go! Need to know more? You can check it all out at FFFWeek here!

What else would you suggest be added to the list? How do you handle it all?  Are you excited as much as I am?

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