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Patch It Up: 10 Of Our Favorite Picks!

Patch It Up: 10 Of Our Favorite Picks!

Patch It Up: 10 Of Our Favorite Picks!
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The wannabe DIY Diva in me is seriously happy that patches are once again on trend this season. It’s a playful nod to 90’s fashion, which is hot right now and it’s a fun way to make an item yours and yours alone.

By applying them to jean jackets, or  revamping that boring clutch purse,  patches are a terrific way to to show a little personality with your fashion. They are an economical way to make your old items new again, and it’s simultaneously artsy, boho and a bit and punk rock all at the same time.

Today, we have 10 we think would be a welcome addition to your spring denim, hats, shoes, accessories, and much, much more! Scroll through the slideshow below and get your irons ready…

It’t time to get crafty, curvy cuties!

Patch It Up: 10 Of Our Favorite Picks!

Did our picks leave you itching to do a little stitching, ironing, or hot gluing? These patches are colorful, fun, sometimes funny, but always fly. How dope is that Crying Drake Patch? And Queen Latifah fans out there, I KNOW you are loving the Queen Patch.  And if you are looking for a little inspiration for your new favorite, check out this fun D.I.Y from YouTuber Sincerely Sweeney:

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Whether you are adding them to your favorite denim jacket, a shirt, sneakers, a hat or a bag…you are only limited by your imagination! Patches let the world know who you are. From political leanings, ideologies, music or pop culture faves, or even how much of a badass you are. Have fun with this spring by making boring items bomb!

Will you be breaking out your iron to try a bit of Patch Magic this spring? Which of our picks will be YOUR patch? Let us know all about it in the comments!!!

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