Building Up My Eyeglasses Collection with

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You know, for the longest time, it never occurred to me to have more than one pair of glasses at a time. It never occurred to me to mix and match my frames with my outfits and moods. Seriously, it really never did until I posed an eyeglasses question to you all of you over on the Curvy Fashionista Facebook Page!

As I asked, many of you were in the same boat, but some of you had upward 10 pairs to play in and I was taken aback! I mean, it was like my eyes opened and I could see the varied possibilities! After I added these Michael Kors frames from to the mix, I wanted to play with more! I wanted frames in green, purple, black, and everything in between! I wanted some that fade into different colors and that had cool face fitting shapes!

Messy Hair, Don’t Care!

Building Up My Eyeglasses Collection with


Who would have thought that adding a few new pairs to the mix would do so much!

And honestly, I have to thank and share with you my latest additions! I am not to ten pairs yet, but I imagine over the next year, this will easily be achieved! Right? LOL. I am currently at four pairs now!

My two latest additions are by their house brand, Derek Cardigan, the Derek Cardigan 7005 in Lilac! I must say that with my complexion and new hair color, these frames look a bit darker than advertised, but I love it:

Building Up My Eyeglasses Collection with

and Derek Cardigan 7039 in Black!

Building Up My Eyeglasses Collection with

OBVIOUSLY I am digging the cat eye silhouette! Obviously.

BUT! In addition to these two additions, I got this interesting new reflection coating on my frames. I am a huge proponent for protecting the eyes, and hooked me up with KODAK BlueReflect lenses on my frames to protect the eyes! With the increase use of our smartphones and technology, many people do not realize the health effects that these digital screens have on us. It is funny because in some pictures, their reflection looks kind of purple, like my new glasses (center in pic below)! LOL

Building Up My Eyeglasses Collection with

Also!!! Derek Cardigan also just launched the Grammar Collection! The collection features classic shapes, keyhole detailing and finished with colon and semicolon symbols on the temples. Totally appealing to the geek chic in me!

But I do have a few more faves from that I have to add to my collection. Can I share them with you? Please let me! LOL

My Favorite Frames from

By Rows:

Derek Cardigan AF 7528 Wood, Calvin Klein CK7893 003 Crystal Moss,
Colors In Optics Millie C970 OXF Black Fade, Derek Cardigan AF 7505 White Clear
Chloe CE2600 316 Striped Green, Kam Dhillon 3087 Sahara

I must share, this is not a sponsored post. While they sent me a few frames, I am so geeked about the ease of this process and the options I get to play in! So I had to share it with you!

And who is down for a coupon? Yes boo. How about 40% off?

Receive 40% off house brand glasses. Use code COASTAL40 at checkout, only at Hurry, offer ends 9/30! 

How many of frames do you own? How many glasses are you looking to add? Have you shopped Where do you get your frames from?

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