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Wardrobe Wonders: For the Love of My Thighs with Bandelettes

Wardrobe Wonders: For the Love of My Thighs with Bandelettes

10 Products to Fight Chub Rub - Bandlettes

Today, I need to talk about the saving of thighs – mine, yours and all those that matter to you. So, my thighs have always had a love affair with one another.  So much so, that no matter whether I am a size 12 or a size 20 they tend to want to rub together.  I don’t remember a time they haven’t rubbed together – and that’s even when I was a size 8 long, long, long ago. Hence what is called chafing, not-so affectionately known as chub rub.  

Some of us thicker girls get it and some of us don’t.  It’s basically the chafing that happens as your thighs touch and it’s mostly in the summer. I have to also admit, during the summer shapewear has its place but I will wear something else in order to prevent having to put on shapewear.  I’m already a chunk – and you want me to wear something that will make me hotter and more constricted? Unless you want an incident on the train, then no.  

If this has never happened to you, then be thankful.  But for many of us (and even some of my thinner friends with super athletic builds and it happens to a lot of men as well) it’s something that can happen. It’s not pleasant.  It also tends to leave your inner thighs darkened as they heal.  Who wants that?  I mean, there are bathing suits, shorts and lingerie to be worn.  Seriously.  I’m all about saving the thighs.

Team #savemythighs.

 Is it just me?

So what’s a girl to do?  Many of us have tried all sorts of remedies – there’s the cornstarch, the vaseline, roll-on deodorant and insert-whatever-home-remedy here and there are also some really great specialty creams and gels that you can buy.  Personally, I’ve learned unrefined coconut oil can be a blessing.  Hey! I have sensitive skin! However, I’ve heard some good things about the specialty creams on the market. Let’s talk about these.

  1.  BodyGlide
  2. Lane Bryant Keep It Smooth
  3. Monistat Soothing Care Relief Powder Gel
  4. Neat 3B Action Cream
  5. Secret Shield

I also just read about these anti- thigh chafing bands called Bandelettes.

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Plus size woman lounging on couch

Limited Edition Bandelettes By Ashley Nell Tipton

Have you heard about these????!  Not only do they prevent chafing, but they are mad sexy – I need two pairs (or more) stat!!!!  Can you imagine?  I’m in love!!  The Bandelettes deserve a post of their own after I wear them around for a day or two.

Have you experienced chafing? Which products have you tried? How do you protect sensitive areas in the summer heat?

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  • I’m a big girl who loves the outdoors and years ago I realized I could use the same products meant for hikers to prevent chaffing even when I was hiking. Go figure. Here’s a good round-up of some of those products

  • Oh! Oh! Me! ME! I have a suggestion! 🙂 I’m wearing them right now, in fact, and it’s currently 82° and an ugly 73° dew point in Chicago: Pettipants. Seriously. They’re like, bloomer-culottes. I got them from Amazon. The 4″ inseam works for me generally, but sometimes they can ride up if it’s really soupy, or if I’ve gained weight. They also come in longer lengths. They have SAVED my thighs.

  • Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel. Does the trick for me. I don’t have the thigh issue, but I have a big FUPA and sometimes, even when I use body powder, I still get chub rub under there. I’ll apply a little Lanacane and feel immediate relief. It eliminates the chub rub and makes me feel better.

  • Oh! I know this one! I got a couple of pairs of Jockey’s “Skimmies” a few months ago – they’re lightweight, not restricting like shapewear, and they come in a lot of colors. I’m wearing dresses WITHOUT LEGGINGS this summer for the first time in years.

  • I’m wearing my bandelettes right now! Love them! The company is great! I had a fit issue and they sent me another pair in another size because they wanted me to be happy! They are going to be a lifesaver- I have a trip to Paris coming up and lots of cute sundresses to wear!

  • I have tried the lane bryant one and i love it..but sometimes i do powder as well. I want to try the “chub Rub” shorts

  • Summer dresses are getting shorter and shorter! I’m constantly worrying that the wind will blow and everyone will get flashed! That and the comfort issue.

    I solved the problem FINALLY and love it. I’m not any hotter and it works. I like these best just wish they came in colors that matched my outfits but really great.

    these work ok too but really do look like underwear when seen.

    But both of the above are MUCH better for summer than spandex things for summer. they do not add heat whereas spandex makes me so much hotter. With a heat index of 109 yesterday here my primary concern is comfort. Under a skirt they are great.

    So simple i can’t believe i feel for the thou shalt wear pretty underware no matter how uncomfortable rule most of my life.

    I think i am going to design my own and sell them on etsy.

    • Oh – I forgot to say it took me a while to find these, there are lots of pettipants out there but made out of polyester. I really need cotton to feel cook in summer. that was my first criteria. The biggest problem with short leggings in summer is heat and moisture which invite nasty infections that make chaffing look like a walk in the park… nuff said.

  • Shorties from Wintersilks (in the lingerie section) are my best friend under dresses and skirts. They’re lightweight knit silk, breathe like a dream, and are light as air. Perfect.

    • i just looked them up and above the knee shorties keep you warmer in cooler weather. Don’t think i could handle that in summer. Is that what you meant?

      • Whoops. Didn’t see this reply until winter. Clarification: Wintersilks products are intended and marketed as thin “long underwear” for people in very cold climates. I live in the broiling desert, where summer temps reach 120 and any extra layer had better breathe. Cotton, or worse, microfiber (which is a poly material) create a wet nightmare of heat rash in these conditions, but spun silk fabric is weightless and dries almost instantly. Wintersilks camis and undershorts are the ONLY layers I can tolerate in the summer heat. Silk is kind of a magic fiber, especially spun silk–it’s warm in the cold and cool in the heat and really, really breathes. I actually have a comforter for my bed stuffed with spun silk, as well. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

  • I swear by the Monistat gel. It works wonderfully. I also try to make sure on the days I’m wearing a dress/skirt/short shorts, that I also use a nice slippery oil as my skin moisturizer

  • i tried the whole not wearing shorts thing didnt work. . I even got bigger cloths didnt work. I used baby oil ( dont ask what I was thinking) i am forever tanned there lol I did coco butter but i have extremely sensitive skin . Im so glad I read this post. I love my high waist shorts

  • I googled “Pettipants”, found the site “Underworks” & found this (Chafe
    Shield) Would you try it ladies?

  • knockoff spanx-type thigh slimming undergarments in the summer, microfiber tights in the fall…once had my thighs literally rubbed ’til it tore the skin off and bled (loooong waitressing shift), never again. :b

  • I too ordered wintersilks (earlier post) the silk breathes in all seasons and I have been cool under the most severe temps.

  • Thank the chubby, headless cherubs in heaven for this post. I have been wearing ridiculously thick shapewear (that rides up) under my dresses & only buying dresses long enough to cover them. I used to use the Monistat powder gel & havent bought any this Summer. I wish they made a bigger size. I like to carry the tube with me but would like something refillable or something like that. I look forward to trying one (or some) of these products.

  • Girl!! That’s the story of my life. Chaffing ever since I was a girl and it happens to me at any size, it must be hereditary because now it even happens to my boys. I love the monistat cream, I also put on medicated powder every time i wear a skirt in the summer.

  • I use feminine deodorant spray.. helps keep me dry and minimum chaffing. When showering I use loofah and leave a deep conditioning moisturizer over night to keep my skin resistant to dryness.
    For more intense heat and skin dryness I use coffee grounds to exfoliate and naturally revitalize my skin.. thighs, face and anywhere else I need it.
    I just heard of “monkey butt” and may try that for my thighs and boob sweat.
    I also do wear the knock offs of spanx stocking-like material shorts.. they are not as constricting and helps big time for my more active days as well as keep my clothes from sticking to my lovely indentations.

  • I always wear undergarments that include a mid-thigh legging. I’d rather be a bit hotter than have my thighs on fire with a terrible heat rash. I’ve tried baby powder, sprays, vaseline – none of them work for me… so instead, I get the benefit of a slimming undergarment with my non-chaffed thighs!

  • Hey just wanted to let you know I tried out the Secret Shield from and it’s fantastic! I applied it once in the morning and it lasted all day. I love how it’s in a stick so it doesn’t get on your hands, and it’s invisible so I don’t have to go around wearing shorts under my dresses anymore. I also really like that it’s made with vegetable ingredients not silicone, since I’m trying to make the switch to more natural products. I even used it on my new faux leather leggings to get them to stop squeaking and sticking together!

  • I did some research for a blog post, and I discovered Thigh Society. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable, and stayed up the whole night! Great product!

  • Body Gliiiiiiiiiiiide!!!! I spent all day walking around outside in full RenFaire costume in 100º Virginia heat & humidity and never felt any pain. That stuff gets 5 thumbs up (I’m pretending I’m an alien!).

    PS: Fat chick secret to prevent underboob sweat: Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Seriously, look it up on Amazon. I think it’s made from powdered responsibly-harvested unicorn horn.

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