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Ask the Reader: Plus Size Culottes- Yes or No?

Ask the Reader: Plus Size Culottes- Yes or No?

Ask the Readers: Plus Size Culottes- Yes or No?

I have been watching and playing around with trying this out, curious to see where you are in this thought process. As we have already talked about the plus size spring trends, there are always micro trends that end up stealing the spotlight and for spring, one of those I noticed? Plus Size Culottes.

What are Culottes?

These are, as defined by Stylite: “Culottes hang-like-a-skirt-but-is-actually-pants silhouette, it’s tailored, waist defining, and leg-elongating so long as you find the right cut.”  Some are shorter, above the knee, and right at the knee, but my fave is the midi length. You see, there have been a few versions that I have found, and this trend intrigues me. On the runway for spring 2014, Elena Miro fashioned a board short of sorts. And I was quite curious about this, and still am. I think I could see myself kind of having fun with this… Maybe. But then I saw more elevated and evolved versions of this short into the culottes of days past over on You Look Fab, and I got a little excited.  Like these:

Spring Midi Culottes

BUT, then I peeped SuppleChic Rocking out in her Midi Culottes when looking for images and I KNEW I had to share her look!

plus size blogger Supple Chic in Midi Culottes

  So then I thought, as I peeped the Boohoo Plus Version and the ASOS Curve options, that I could really rock these plus size culottes.

Ask the Reader: Plus Size Culottes

Boohoo Plus Size Midi Culottes

Boohoo Plus Size Black Midi Culottes on The Curvy Fashionista

See Also

The Boohoo Plus Size Midi Culottes in Cream 

Boohoo Plus Size Cream Midi Culottes on The Curvy Fashionista

ASOS Curve Midi Culottes 

ASOS Curve Midi Culottes on The Curvy Fashionista

What is even more exciting is that as this trend is emerging on the straight side of fashion, there are plus size retailers hooking it up for us. THANK YOU! I envision this as the perfect alternative to the midi skirt and to wide leg pants. I could see these rocked with stilettos and a slouchy tee, a blazer and a stacked pump, or a fitted crop top and strappy heels. There are a few ways that I could see this going… And I can see these transitioning into fall perfectly with stiletto boots. Mmhmmm. It is all about options and variety here. There is something quite polished, sophisticated, edgy, sporty, and sassy about these… and yes, they are not for everyone or everyone’s style. But the fact that there are options and new silhouettes that we can play in too? THIS is an amazing mark in progress. I could also see this in a monochromatic look. I am here for that. MMHMM. I want a suit in this. I saw one at an event I went to. This girl was rocking the HELL out of this look. Color me inspired and I am going for it. But this is an ‘Ask the Reader’ and I am curious…

So now, I ask you: Plus Size Culottes- Yes or No?

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