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Hate Daylight Savings? Here are 4 Tips to Brighten up those Dreary Fall Days!

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Hello Curvy Queens! If you’re anything like me, then Fall is your favorite season! The resplendent blue skies, the green leaves changing to various hues of apricot, crimson and cinnamon, not to mention the crisp air warmed by the sun. I LOVE FALL! But with the changing of the season comes a few more rainy days, and the sun doesn’t always come out to play.

Cooler temps and lack of sunshine is the perfect recipe for the blues! But fret not Divas! Here at the Curvy Fashionista, we’re here to help you through the cool weather woes with some self care—just what the doctor ordered!

Here are our 4 self care tips to Brighten Up Your Dreary Fall Days!

1)Liven up your space!

Fall 2017 interior design trends
Photo by Michael J. Lee for

It may be gloomy OUTside, but it certainly doesn’t have to feel gloomy INside! Jazz up your home space with some fall flair! Go to your local supermarket and purchase a few pumpkins to adorn your home’s entrance. Be sure to decorate the inside of your space as well. Table runners, centerpieces, and decorative pillows are just a few items that will have your home feeling cozy in no time! This self care change will help in keeping the negativity out of the house and that warm, fuzzy feeling inside with you.

2)You’ve got to COORDINATE!

Tis the season for deep purples, warm metallics, and stunning neutrals! Don’t be afraid to push the envelope when it comes to your makeup and fashion! After all, when you LOOK good, you FEEL good!

Eloquii Fall 2017
Eloquii Sequins robe and pants at

So let your lips sparkle and your eyelids shimmer! And if you don’t know where to begin, just visit your nearest mall. The associates at Sephora and MAC are very helpful and would love to help you shine in more ways than one! True self care personnel!

Urban decay Fall 2017 Eyeshadows
Urban Decay Fall 2017 Eyeshadows at

With the perfect bronzer or lippie, you’ll be the bell of the ball no matter where you go!

3) Be Creative!

fat ladies in spaaaaace coloring book
fat ladies in spaaaaace coloring book at

Adult coloring books are gaining popularity and with good reason! Coloring is not just therapeutic; it’s also a healthy means of self-expression. So pull out your colored pencils and give it a try! You might be surprised by how relaxing it is! To kick it up a notch, attend a painting class! Creating your own artwork while sipping your favorite drink is the perfect combo to give you that “zen-like” atmosphere that you crave!

4) Let your home smell the part!

goodnight darling lavender room spray
Black Lavender Room Spray at

Whether you’re an Apple Cinnamon kind of girl or a Pumpkin Spice enthusiast, there is a vast array of Fall fragrances to choose from. If you want to relax, there is always lavender to calm your senses. Fill your home with lovely candles and the mood will be set for beautiful relaxation!

Ready to get Cozy? I know I am!

These are only four ways that we use to switch it up and bring a little cheer to the fall dreariness and apply  your needed self care. What steps do you take? Let us know!

Which of the four above steps do you plan to implement into your Fall self care plan? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Gina Johnson

Gina Johnson is an award winning author, people watcher, coffee lover and self proclaimed soul food chef. When she's not writing she's editing, homeschooling her four children, and being wife of the year to her best friend of 17+ years. In her spare time she reads, listens to music and devises plans to escape adulthood.

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  1. I need tips for the summer, because I actually thrive in the Fall/Winter months. The Summer months make me depressed and miserable :/ People think it’s funny, but it isn’t. It sucks.

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