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10 Curvy Girls Sizes 20+ Who Are The Epitome Of Curvy, Confident and Chic

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There is no doubt that tremendous growth has taken place in the plus size community and industry.  There was a time, not too long ago when we were rarely represented in the media.  Now, you can turn on your television, open a magazine, or click on your computer and see plus size women. Although this is great and I am happy to see it, I must admit that I feel a little left out and misrepresented at times.

I know that I am not the only one that wonders, where are the fuller figured, belly having, thigh jiggling, full face size 20+ plus size women!  The girls that are my size, the girls with a little gut that are not as well proportioned.  Other than Tess Holiday, you rarely see sizes 20 and up represented, even by brands that cater to us.

Now please don’t get it twisted, I am not trying to shade anyone in the curvy community and I appreciate all of the love we are being shown.  However, I need the world to know that curvy confidence doesn’t stop at a size 18 and some of us don’t have great proportions but, BUT! OUR CHIC IS ON FLEEK! (hehehe)

Don’t believe me? Check out these cuties with a little extra extra cushion who are all things CURVY, CONFIDENT and CHIC.

10 Curvy Girls Sizes 20+ Who Are The Epitome Of Curvy, Confident and Chic

1. Who said curvy girls couldn’t rock floral prints?

2. Plaid anyone? Yes, curvy girls are rocking plaid and we look damn good too.


A photo posted by Lucia (@ucantwearthat) on

3. Nothing says “Curvy and Confident” like a little red dress!


A photo posted by Glitter (@glitterandlazers) on

4. Yeah, we “rock that all white when we’re feeling Godly!”


A photo posted by Jessica Carter (@twin_630) on

5. Fall…. We were waiting for you at the door (LOL)!

6. Did you really think we wouldn’t rock a crop top?


A photo posted by ?Shawna? (@chubbycartwheels) on

7. There is nothing like a curvy girl in a pair of well fitted jeans!

8. They say it’s cheating if the deck is stacked…. We just say, #fatgirlsbewinning!


A photo posted by Drini Marie (@missdrini) on

9. Skin is in…RIGHT?

10. Like I said, “CHIC ON FLEEK”


A photo posted by Jezra M (@jezra_m) on

And here is one to grow on, just in case you don’t think I practice what I preach. Yep, I got my CHIC together!


A photo posted by Maui Bigelow (@phat_girl_fresh) on

See! Aren’t we rocking it? I KNOW we are!

And if you’re still not convinced, check any of the plus size hashtags and the #TCFStyle hashtag tell us what you think!

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  1. I love this post!!!! As an ultra curvy size 24/26 I often dare to wear fabulous fashions that showcase my huge arms, belly, thighs and behind. I wholeheartedly embrace my body and I want all the other ladies to do the same! I work in the fashion industry and my clients who are straight sizes 0-16 often say “I can’t wear such and such because it shows my fat xyz” and it surprises me because I am a big girl who doesn’t worry about such nonsense! If a size 8 girl won’t show her arms, we have a huge cultural body image issue. All women are beautiful and unique, and we should all wear exactly what we want and celebrate our beauty while we can! Werk, sisters!!!

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