5 Things I Learned About Shopping H&M Plus Sizes

shopping h&m plus sizes

To my surprise, I've recently started doing a lot of shopping over at H&M's online plus size section. Why the surprise? Let's just say I'm "that shopper" who tries on everything before making a purchase! Here on the blog, we have talked much about H&M's plus size collection, the offerings, … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Dressing for Your Shape as a Plus Size Woman

Dressing for your plus size shape on The Curvy Fashionista

A few of you have asked me about how to dress for your shape, how to figure out your shape and what to wear to accentuate certain body parts. Well, it has taken me a reason to address this because I am on the fence with this, always encouraging one to find out what works for them and not to … [Read more...]

NEW VIDEO: Plus Size Spring Trends- Don’t Knock It Until You Rock It

Plus Size SPring Trends- Dont Knock it until you rock it

Hey girl heyyyy! I am back today with a new video for you! Have you been checking out my videos? For the past few months, I have been doing weekly videos (almost weekly ones) that talk about trends, designers, random thoughts, and observations of the plus size fashion community and news. So what is … [Read more...]

7 Petite Plus Fashion Rules to Break NOW

7 Petite Plus Size Rules to Break on The Curvy Fashionista

As a petite and curvy woman who has been interested in fashion all of my life, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time poring over fashion magazines.  If you’ve ever read a fashion magazine or even watched “What Not to Wear,” then you know that “rules” abound for creating the most flattering … [Read more...]

Ask the Reader: What is Your Favorite Fashion Tip?

Ask the Reader: What is Your Favorite Fashion Tip?

As we head into the spring season (yes, I know… snow) we are readying our closets for the newness, imagining our curves in the latest trends, purging our closets of the items we NEVER ever, ever, wear. In addition to this, if you are anything like me, you tell yourself you will be daring, step … [Read more...]

Our Own Plus Size Stigmas- Have They Changed?

Our Own Plus Size Stigmas- Have They Changed?

A few years back, I wrote this post about us being trapped in our own plus size stigmas… about almost four years ago! Plus Size Stigmas? Yes, you know, those self-imposed mind thoughts that we have allowed ourselves to get caught up in or use as reasons to confuse, oppress, or hinder ourselves … [Read more...]

How to Shop Your Closet- 6 Tips to Help You Work Your Closet

How To Shop Your Closet on The Curvy Fashionista

Hello and Happy New Year to all you lovely readers of The Curvy Fashionista! Is it me or did 2014 creep up on us? I mean really, last year just flew by! With all the excitement and resolutions you may have in place, I'm sure you've thought about how to revamp/or edit your personal style. Well before … [Read more...]

Before You Shop: Junior Plus Size vs. Woman’s Plus Size

Junior Plus Size vs Plus Size Fashion sizing

I get these questions a lot: What is the difference between Junior Plus and Plus Size clothing? Why is sizing sooo off in plus size clothing? With the advent of many online boutiques, retailers, and brands that release fast fashion at prices and styles we love, there are questions, … [Read more...]

What’s In My Fashion Toolkit

My Plus Size Fashion Toolkit

Inspired by Full Figure Plus, Glen wrote a post about the Plus Size Fashion Toolkit. He defines what this is and why you need by sharing: “In your toolkit should be things that you go to all the time no matter if you are shopping at the mall or your favorite website. It will help your shopping … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Plus Size Shopping Online

Five Tips for Plus Size Online Shopping

Ahhh... Plus Size Shopping Online. As we know, most of the really good plus size shopping is only to be had online. But online shopping can be like target practice, if you haven’t practiced and done it enough it can be a real hit or miss. Even if you have perfected this craft, you can still be … [Read more...]