This Hair of Mine… Decisions

This Hair of Mine Decisions

Sooo a funny thing happened over the weekend.

While taking out my weave from Heat Free Hair (which I adore by the way and fought tooth and nail to buy), it occurred to me that some of you didn’t realize that I was rocking a weave! I have shared this on Instagram, twitter, here, and on Facebook. I only realized this when I decided to play in and try on a few wigs that I both received and bought. Remember my story shared about the hairstylist who burnt my hair by straightening it? Well…


This Hair of Mine Decisions

After sharing the looks onto Instagram and Facebook, I am now confused. So, I love switching up the looks- drastically sometimes too! So I played in three wigs, sharing them hoping to get a clear winner and the replies had me in stiches!

Some of you wanted me to keep my “natural hair” other thought I looked sooo much younger in straight, while others thought I looked sooo much better in big and curly! Initially I wanted to get braids… These ones, very long.

But then, I realized that would be a huge commitment and right now, I find myself wanting the versatility to play… I dunno. SO then I thought about wigs. I remembered that I was sent one of those Sherri Shepherd NOW wigs and thought to myself Hrmmm… So I shared this look:

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Definitely to mixed reviews! Some loved it, others wanted my “natural hair”, some thought curly had more sass… This one is the Luscious Layers from NOW by LuxHair for Sherri Shepherd.

Then I went shopping and scooped up these two wigs… they were $28 bucks a piece- no commitment and a great price from TIGI Beauty in Rialto.

Here was Number 2:

Full curls, more waves when I brushed it out. I cut bangs into it and voila! You seemed to like this one on Instagram!

Then Look 3

This one? It had more curl and sass… You liked this one more on Instagram too! I kept the tag for this one, it is by FreeTress and called Cretia Girl! 😀

But Now? I am confused. Normally I would jump into a weave and I do want to test out Indique Hair soon. But I have played in Perfect Locks, have some on deck from Honey Crush Hair! Ahhh… decisions right?

BUT I would love YOUR vote! Depending on your votes, I will then rock out an outfit post in the number you choose!

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What do you think? Do you play up your look with wigs or weaves? Do you do drastic changes? Let me know what you think!

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Comments (17)

  1. 28 bucks for a hairstyle? Sheeeeee-it! I just forked over a cool 200 for mine, and I do it every six weeks. I’m starting to consider buzzing the real stuff and buying me a 28 buck wonder!

  2. I always wear my hair natural and I usually pick the most “natural” looking styles for people. But you really do look much younger with the straight look. Since it’s a wig I feel good about this choice as you won’t damage your own hair trying to straighten it.

  3. Cretia Girl is the best! I have it as well! We are use to your big hair it matches your big personality 🙂 but the point of this is to change a little. I say straight! Beautiful either way!

  4. I think the straight is interesting for a change – but do you not find wigs incredibly hot to wear? Hot as in warm!

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