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My Faves from the Pop Up Fashion Event at Dorothy Perkins: Up To 30% Off!


Dorothy Perkins(US) Pop Up Fashion Event

It’s been a minute since I talked Dorothy Perkins.  One of the UK stores (now with w US site) that carries up to a size 18 in almost all of their fashions, and I am geeked!

See every once in a while, they have a sale that makes me smile.  And starting today, the Pop Up Fashion Event is one of those reasons why I smile!  With up to 30% off of everything, if you love a good tailored and modern take on fashion, then Dorothy Perkins is your jam- as it is mines!

So rather than weight you down with my adoration for this line, what I am going to do is share with you my favorite pieces from Dorothy Perkins, for you to take a gander at! No extra code needed, everything is marked!

So who is ready?

My Faves from the Dorothy Perkins Pop Up Fashion Event

And these are literally, only a few of the ones I have my eye on!  I am one who dies for a sale.  And we just happen to be at that time of the year where fashion is changing seasons and we reap those benefits in classic Sale Fashion!

Tell Me, Are you a fan of Dorothy Perkins? Do you already have a few pieces? If you do, why don’t you share with us the fit and wear!

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