Celebrating Two Years: Linea Pelle from Shop It To Me

Now, I am a girl with a vicious love of handbags and deals. Combine my favorite brands and deals delivered to my inbox weekly? A dangerous temptation! With options of various plus size designers(YES, they have them!), accessories, shoes, jewels, scarves, and so much more, this is what Shop It To Me tempts me with weekly!

Imagine this:

Imagine waking up one day without life pulling you anywhere, sitting down at your computer/mac with a fresh cup of coffee or tea in your hand, to find in your mailbox the newest and latest fashion deals in your plus size frame that your personal shopper has sent to you; no longer having to scour all the latest places for your style, size, and price range.

Now open up your eyes and breathe!

It does exist and Shop It To Me brings the best of plus size fashion and the deals to you!

So, in the spirit of The Curvy Fashionista turning TWO, Shop It To Me is giving away this FABULOUS Linea Pelle Crossbody bag to a lucky reader!

Linea Pelle Cross body Bag Giveaway on The Curvy FashionistaNice yes???

Okay, so to enter, there are only Two Things to do!

That’s easy eh?

You have until Sunday, December 12th at midnight PST to enter!!!!

Good Luck to you!

*****Don’t forget to check out this week’s Blogiversary Giveaways! Boots from 80/20, a Dress from Monif C., and a Gift Card to Nordstrom for $100!*****

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  • Butifulteeth

    I own 25 + purses

  • http://curvykatie.wordpress.com/ curvykatie

    I own 6 – a small collection that clearly needs to grow :)

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  • http://www.zealousblonde.blogspot.com FaithJ

    I am registered at Shop it To Me as Faith (fjthoma@hotmail.com)!

    Love this Linea Pelle handbag!

    I own 4 handbags and 2 evening clutches.

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  • Swimmons8605

    I own well over 20. Can’t get enough!

  • Anonymous

    Happy second anniversary! Im a member of shopittome. I think my handbag collection is at 7 now. Donated a few that were like new & I hadn’t used in years & years to Salvation Army. Adore the Linea Pelle crossbody!

  • Heashby

    Happy Anniversary! Currently, I think I own about 6 bags and two clutches. I’ve sold a few to friends and at a garage sale over the last year as I found I wasn’t using them very often. Loving the Linea Pelle crossbody bag and think it would be a great addition to my collection!! :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/twgarrett Theresa W. Garrett

    I confess I only own 3 bags! I am tempted as well with the daily shop it to me emails that come!! Love this bag and it will go great with my clothes!

  • Amandasanft

    lovee linea pelle <3 i own about 15 handbags 2 of them are linea pelle :)

  • Ivana

    I own 19 ! :D
    i signed up at shop it to me
    Ivana Nikolova

  • Sherrihd1964

    I have 5 purses. Haven’t added a new one in a while due to the economy (I’m a hairdresser) Would love to add this one to my collection! GORGEOUS! ty for your blog I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Esther

    I own 2, I think? Clearly I need a bag to convert me (and spoil me, and ruin me for all lesser choices).

  • Aster

    I own 15 purses and a couple clutches, but can always use a new black Linea Pella Crossbody bag :-)

  • Trezlen

    I would rock this with a pair of Jeggings and some high heeled ankle boots at work!

  • http://www.notoriousspinkstalks.com Notorious Spinks

    Pretty ….
    I own 12 handbags as well. LOL!

  • Julie Y.

    I’ve already signed up for shopittome.
    I only 2 bags… hopefully this will be #3.
    Julie Y.

  • Susan

    I have two nice purses, and two that are functional. Really looking to up the anti with my first designer bag! Fingers crossed, happy bday and merry christmas to me????

  • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee


    TO BE ELIGIBLE, you MUST SIGN UP for Shop it to me!!!!!

  • http://theunlikelyhousewife.com Elisa

    Love Shop It To Me!! I’m already a member and featured blogger there.

    As for purses, I have been trying to focus more on quality than quantity in the past few years, but I still own 11 :-) However I could use a black crossbody, especially one as lovely as this one! I love studs on bags!

  • Yael

    Love Shop It To Me and am already registered there! I own about 14 bags – thanks for the giveaway!!

  • http://twitter.com/iheartmarcusb DawnM

    registered and i just have 2 purses

  • http://twitter.com/saucyfbaby 「 SAUCY™ | NICOLE 」

    Just signed up under my email saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com] as “Nicole”

    I own 7 bags. I thought I had more but 7 isn’t alot at all. haha.

  • Rose154223

    I own about 20 now…recently gave away a bunch to charity also

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IT5BAPKOENEFR3N7LKDRZC6ZBU ceanne_n

    Congrats on your anniversary!!!!! Please check out my new blog “Gorgeous Grays” http://www.gorgeous-grays.com/ where the beauty and uniqueness of gray hair is celebrated.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IT5BAPKOENEFR3N7LKDRZC6ZBU ceanne_n

    Congrats on your anniversary!!!! Please check out my new blog “Gorgeous Grays” http://www.gorgeous-grays.com/. Where the beauty and uniqueness of gray hair is celebrated!!

  • Princess_elanag

    I own at least nine “nice” ones… Thats what i out of storage!

  • carla

    I use about 6 regularly, but I have to own at last 30 or more. I think as a chubby girl, purses are always more enjoyable to buy as they always FIT!!

  • http://twitter.com/sunchicka sunchicka

    I own 10 bags!


  • erica best

    i own 2
    i signed up a while back

    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

  • Leni

    Registered and a GFC follower
    I own four.


  • http://twitter.com/fashion_groupie Karen Lacanilao

    LOVE THIS PURSE and just registered!

    I own 16 :)

  • Denisebidot

    This bag is perfect for a fun night of dancing… It’s just perfect!

    I signed up and I own 8 fabulous bags (after counting I realized I need more) LOL!


  • Nisa

    lord i own at least 20+ purses, spanning over 10 years (i keep trying to convince myself that someday they will be “vintage”). i’ve signed up at shopittome: nisitasan[at]gmail[dot]com