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Australia Top Model Judge deems plus size modeling industry non- existent

Imagine going in for a casting for a modeling competition and daring to be one if only of the few who dare to strut a beautiful size 14+ only to be told you were not what they were looking for. It happens quite often, however the reason for not being chosen is not what you think.

Something funny is going on down under in Australia as they began casting their contestants for Australia’s Next Top Model . The show’s judge, Charlotte Dawson, ignorantly affirms there is not plus size modeling industry, AND that while she is judge, no plus size models will win while she is on the show.

Charlotte Dawson of Australia's Next Top Model(Charlotte Dawson with the microphone in the black suit)



According to NineMSN, Dawson spewed her disdain and lack of support in the Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne’s southeast at an audition for the sixth series of the show.

“There is no market for plus-size models in Australia…. it would be tokenism to put a plus-size girl through just for the sake of it,” Dawson told ninemsn. To back up her claims, Dawson continued saying, “I would like someone to name a plus-size model in Australia because I can’t.”

And if the powers that be did crown a plus size model in Australia, Dawson continues on her disdain for the industry stating, “We could have a plus-size model win the competition and she would end up doing catalogues for Target.” She continues defending her position with observations like, “there is just not enough work for them in Australia.”

Is this woman for reals?



But to counter-attack her ignorance, enter in the lovely Darrianne Donnelly, director of the plus-size modeling agency BGM Models. Donnelly shared her “disappointment” of Dawson’s frustratingly insensitive remarks.  “For Charlotte Dawson to say there is no plus-size modeling industry in Australia is untrue…I have models out there proving it every day,” Ms Donnelly stating, to correct Dawson’s comments.

The tug of war of plus size fashion begins as plus size fashion is more in people’s face. Some battle with acceptance, the reality, and the beauty plus size modeling has to offer, but Miss Dawson, you have so much to learn about the progress of plus size modeling, no matter how minute you think we are…

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