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Around the Net: Your Plus Size News Roundup!

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Being it is a new year, I would like to see the plus size community to change society’s perception of beauty and break down tired old stereotypes! Being bigger, doesn’t mean that we can’t be athletic, agile, creative, dynamic, or beautiful. It seem’s like people are starting to get the point. BUT…there is still more progress needed.

So, when you have women like Tess Holliday speaking up, Ashley Graham making news week after week, and other plus size women around the world furthering this point we can change the world’s perception of beauty that much faster. For me, it is such an honor to be report and share the news you need to know in the plus size community!

Nadia Aboulhosn Paper Mag

So, without further ado!

Your Plus Size News Roundup for Feb 6th, 2016!

  • Myth: Big People can’t do Ballet. Truth: Yes, we can! Cuba’s plus size Ballerinas are showing the world how – Get the details on ALTERNET 
  • In the dating mood? Guess What….METRO talks with a few UK bloggers about this new plus size dating app that you want to check out!
  • Want to know more about Barbie Ferreira? She is the new face of Aerie’s Aero Real campaign.Meet Barbie Ferreira: 10 Fun Facts About 'Aerie's' New Plus-Size Model
  • The only fashion rules that exist, are the ones in our minds! Bustle shares plus size celebrities breaking nine fashion “rules”
  • Digital Marketing Alert: Did you hear that Google changes plus size or curvy language is now not a negative physical attribute? Read the full article on Marketing Land
  • Model Alert: Get to know Torrid’s National Model Search Winner Lyanna Lynette on People!
  •’s Day will be here before you know it – Want to get something to show off your curves? DailyVenusDiva gives you lots of options!
  • Real Talk – What are we not seeing in the Plus Size Industry? BUSTLE shares what many of us are THINKING!
  • Model News: Did you see the new PAPER interview with the fabulous blogger and model Nadia Aboulhosn?
  • Perception is everything! In the US, plus size women are gaining new options each and every day. But, what if you are outside of the US? Kim Gee-yang discusses the challenges she is having in Korea. Check out her story in PRI!
  • Can You Believe This? Plus Size Vlogger Shiann Friesen was encouraged not to try on a sweater at Walmart because she would “stretch it out” – You can read the full article on PEOPLE!Plus-Size Vlogger Barred from Trying on Sweater at Walmart Because She Would 'Stretch It'
  • Want to know why Rebel Wilson partnered up with Torrid? Check out the video on E!
  • Curvy Fashion Alert: What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? BUSTLE has what you NEED!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Written by Team TCF

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