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New Video! Welcome to My Updated Office/Closet!

New Video! Welcome to My Updated Office/Closet!

Welcome to Marie Denee's Closet/ Office

Heyyyy boo! How are you doing today? Well, are you enjoying my videos? I have been having quite a bit of fun chatting with you and talking fashion and today, I have a new and different one for you! Today, I am giving you a mini office tour!

Quite a few have been asking where I got the closet, if it is a real closet, and all the deets inside the office, so I had to share! I will do my best to recap all the info below the video, but if I have missed covering something, drop a comment/question and I will leave the answers!

Are you ready to step inside my office? Here we go!

Soooooo, what did you think? I still have a few things to buy, like two black and white hat boxes, another two shelves for the bottom of the closet, and SOMETHING to go in the middle of the top shelf! It is a work in progress and who knows how this will evolve!

Where I shopped:

Calendar by
My Computer is the HP Touchscreen All-in-One from
Desk, Bookshelf and Closet from

Welcome to Marie Denee's Closet/ Office

Most Closet Accessories from: | |

Ottoman from
Black and White frames from 

Books I’ve Bought, Read or am Reading:

I love shopping at the sample sale sites because there is limited quantity, it allows a dose of individuality and personality to shine through, and quite frankly, I love a great deal! Who doesn’t, especially when you are on a budget, have a whole home to furnish and want a little sass and flair!

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Welcome to Marie Denee's Closet/ Office

Ohhhhh, and my dress? It is by Onion! I snagged it at her Atlanta Sample Sale and I love it so.

Did you enjoy my tour? Let me know what you think and any questions you may have!

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