Valentines Day and The Big and Tall Man

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In thinking about Valentine’s Day, I came to the conclusion that most of us men do not think about it in conjunction with what WE want. Why? Because we are thinking of how to please the women in our lives, if we are that lucky. Today as a representative of the big and tall men in the plus size community I am going to talk about the most romantic day from a guys perspective and what guys want on this special day.

Valentines and the Big and Tall ManValentines Day & The Big and Tall Man

  1. Guys don’t talk about Valentine’s Day – We are programmed to love our ladies and we don’t talk about what we want to other guys
  2. Men don’t think about Valentines’s Day – Honestly with the end of football season so close to Valentine’s day it just does not hit our radar

Now that we have set a few ground rules let me talk about the things that should not be purchased. Valentine’s day SHOULD NOT be lumped in with Father’s Day as an excuse to buy us something so we can get all sweaty from work. Just like you ladies would be upset if we bought you a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s day we won’t be happy if all we ever get is another tie or tool.

Special Valentine’s Day Treats for Big and Tall men

  1. Watches – Most men like me are hard on watches, so that would make a perfect gift
  2. Bracelets and necklaces – see previous entry
  3. Flowers – This is a toss up, but if the man in your life is a farmer then I think this could work out
  4. Candy – mmmmmmmm chocolate
  5. Cologne – Insurrection is the manly man scent for sure
  6. Cuff links – This will go with the trend of guayabera shirts becoming more popular
  7. Underwear – For bigger men comfortable undies are the same as a well fitting bra for ladies

For the most part because of the unique design of the average man whether he fits the big and tall bill or is smaller we just don’t think about the same things ladies do when it comes to Valentine’s Day. If my wife gets me anything for Valentine’s day I will treat it like it is the most precious item in the universe and keep it for many many years beyond what she would think I would.

In conclusion, I think that for the big and tall man in your life the perfect gift is the one that you get him because he talked about it and you saw that gleam in his eye when he brings it up. I can speak from experience you will get an outpouring of love as a result that will make every penny spent well worth it.

What do you get for your Big and Tall Man for Valentine’s? Where do you shop? Do you even celebrate this day? Sound off and leave a comment we want to know!

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Written by Cassandra

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