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#TCFStyle Roundup: You Don’t Need Heels To Conquer The World!

#TCFStyle Roundup: You Don’t Need Heels To Conquer The World!

Hey girl hey! We are back we a new awesome roundup! First of all, I want to tell you I am a huge fan of heels, they make you feel sooo fancy and elegant, but it can be a little uncomfortable after wearing them for a few hours (or sometimes just minutes). I’m a girl that likes to be outside all the time, just hanging out with friends, party on the weekends, I enjoy being outdoors and walk a lot, therefore I need to wear comfy shoes all the time. And who says we can’t look cute in some pairs of flats? I love heels, but I also love flats, best of both worlds!

Today I want to show you some pretty ladies with awesome plus size looks wearing flats, sneakers, really anything besides heels. We’re showing you that you don’t need to wear heels to be cute, and looking through their pics, you will realize that! Let me tell you I wear my converse all the time! I match my white converse with everything: dresses, shorts, skirts and I still feel amazing. And these ladies are going to show you how to rock their outfits with a cute pair of flats! Ready?

Take a look at this plus size looks with flats!

#TCFStyle Roundup: You Don’t Need Heels To Conquer The World!

Sometimes, the lies we believe are so subtle and so seductive that it’s really not a fair fight. The sales pitch can be so enticing and the promises so grand that who can blame us for buying in without greater scrutiny —that might mean giving up what our hearts want so desperately to be true.

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Will spend good money on shoes but doesn’t want to spend more than $2 on a shirt. Priorities.

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It’s hot and humid, and Aunt Flo is giving me hell, but the show must go on.

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Just a quick flex

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So? Don’t they look great? And even through their pics, you can see they are feeling amazing! I wanted to show you looks from different occasions. My favorites are the casual, pretty in pink look from @elisabeth.moore, and the fancy outfit choices from @lapecosapreciosa, I am ready to rock some fly looks with my pairs of flats!

What about you? Which one is you favorite look? Let me know all about it in the comments! And…

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