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TCFStyle Giveaway: Put your Best Skin Forward With AHAVA (Closed)

TCFStyle Giveaway: Put your Best Skin Forward With AHAVA (Closed)

AHAVA Beauty Package Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Ever since I have moved down south, I have been playing with a few things to help keep my face and skin in tip top shape. I am all about sunscreen, a great exfoliating wash, and a great moisturizer! I have played with quite a few options, but when I had the chance to play in the luxury skincare brand, AHAVA, I just knew I was in for a treat for a few reasons!

“AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded to study the powerful, rejuvenating minerals found in the Dead Sea. Since then AHAVA has grown to become the definitive Dead Sea mineral beauty expert.”

AHAVA Beauty Package Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

I mean, I have my problem areas and have been looking for a few options to play in to work this situation out. So they hooked me up with quite a selection! When I checked out their ingredients and their brand DNA, I knew I could give it a whirl when I read this:

  • Paraben Free, sls/Sels Free, Allergy Tested
  • Approved For Sensitive Skin not Tested On Animals
  • Produced Without Petroleum, Harsh Synthetic Ingredients, Or GMOs

I am with that! As I get older, my skin is more sensitive and I get confused… BUT I dove into my little care package and now have some new best friends to add to my regimen!


The MINERAL BOTANIC CREAM WASH, in Pineapple & peach this body wash is POTENT! A little goes a long way and leaves you feeling like a spa. Like, my neighbor came over and I shared with them this wash and even they were impressed! It suds up like no other. BUT, I wanted to play in this because of its benefits shared on the site; “a gentle body cleanser, enriched with skin replenishing Macadamia and Sunflower Oils, leaves skin hydrated and smooth.” I saw oils and I knew I was in for a treat and I was not disappointed. My skin was left soft and the scent? Divine! (although Pineapple and Peach sounds like a great cocktail) It was soft enough to feel tropical but not loud that you are walking around smelling like…  team too much.

Another fave combo from my care package was the DEAD SEA OSMOTER™ FACE CONCENTRATE and the  AGE CONTROL EVEN TONE SLEEPING CREAM! A few years back, I learned about serums and night creams- like the hard core ones and ever since then, I have been looking for my ideal combo for maintaining and caring for my face. Let me tell you, with this humidity, sweat, and this hair in my face? I am in for breakout city, so I try to be proactive here!! So far, I have noticed a bit of brightening and smoothness of my skin! Woot! I think I will buy the BODY CONCENTRATE FOR THE BACK and chest areas, because… yeah. Embarrassed.

Overall? I am impressed… I definitely am keeping or adding a few of these items to my regimen. YUP. I will give this a six month whirl to see how things work out! I mean, if a few weeks have already proved nice for me, can you imagine what a few months will do for me?

Well, actually I was so impressed that I had to hook YOU up with a dope giveaway! I asked team AHAVA if we could do a dope giveaway, because I need you to be JUST as familiar and hyped about this as I am. So, what a better way to hook YOU up than with a giveaway package?

AHAVA Beauty Package Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista


One lucky reader will score a $500 Gift Basket of AHAVA Products!

No for reals!

Let me tell you what you will receive:

  • Dead Sea Osmoter™ Face Concentrate
  • Dead Sea Osmoter™ Body Concentrate
  • Triple Size Mineral Body Lotion
  • Mineral Hand Cream
  • Extreme Night Treatment
  • Extreme Day Cream
  • Dry Oil Body Mist – Cactus & Pink Pepper(New)
  • Age Control Brightening And Renewal Serum(New)
  • Age Control Even Tone Sleeping Cream(New)
  • Precious Desert Oils(New)


EEK! Exciting right?! I want to try some of those oils! To enter? Well, you must follow the steps in the form! Each action is worth points! And we will verify! You have until Tuesday, May 26th at 11:59 pm PST to enter!

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*Disclosure: Items were sent for review, and this is a sponsored giveaway, but my excitement is my own!*

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