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Right before I made it out to New York for FFFWeek, I received a new phone to play with and to test out- which could not have been at a more perfect time!

My old phone’s screen was dying… lol and when the boos at HTC reached out and said “Heyyyy, Marie, we have a new phone to talk about,” I was like, Cool! Tell me more!

bout That New HTC INK M9 on The Curvy Fashionista

Now as a blogger, auntie, and woman on the go, there are a few things about my phone that are nonnegotiable. I need a GREAT camera, video capabilities, and ease of use.

And because I am Team Android, I need my life, emails, pictures, etc to sync across all channels!

It helps if the phone is sexy… call me vain, but if I am going to be staring at it, I want it to look nice. Oh and the screen has to be… strong.

I am clumsy and cannot waste time or dollars replacing broke screens. NOPE.

Oh! And I need memory and space. Lots of it!

So about this new HTC INK M9?

About That New HTC INK M9 on The Curvy Fashionista“Celebrating Art, Design, and Individuality”

So when I heard that HTC partnered with both Cally-Jo AND UBER supermodel and badass lady Jourdun Dunn for a little fashion art, I was intrigued! I had to know more.

Tatts on phones? What is this body art collab?

I needed to know more!

I found out that HTC INK is a new global campaign where HTC is partnering with design and fashion icons to create limited edition engraved phones.

Um, how cool is that?

The HTC INK campaign will offer limited edition M9s that feature “custom-designed, body art-inspired engravings.”

This is where fashion and tech meet, for real!  And the ever so dope Jourdan Dunn kicks off the campaign as their first HTC INK Ambassador!

Jourdan Dunn HTC INK Ambassador

“Design inspiration is everywhere. Body art feels as personal as our devices do to their owners, so we decided to collaborate with Cally-Jo to take our design to the next level.”

I invite you to read more about the HTC Ink and the Interview with Cally-Jo, here at!

But back to the phone though. For me this is like the best of both worlds, I get the fashion element with the cool tatts and art décor and for the functionality, well let me break it down a bit:

  • A 20MP main camera with sapphire camera cover lens! Can we say crisp photos?! The indie night of FFFWeek, I was snapping photos with my camera the whole time and with the continuous shot, action photos were crisp and amaze.Tru Diva at FFFWeek shot by My HTC M9
  • The UltraPixel™ front camera provides photo and imaging control like never before. I am still playing with these innate apps and functions, but it is sooo much fun though.Tru Diva at FFFWeek shot by My HTC M9
  • HTC Eye™ Experience software allows you to create Split Captures, take Voice Selfies and more. This was way weird, I was like, “I can voice record on a picture?” I am still trying to see how I can make the use of this, but imagine having to make a note of a picture- this is how I see this being really cool.
  • My HTC FAVE FEATURE? ZOE. You can combine your photos and videos with your friends for footage from multiple points of view with the Zoe app. Then it mashes it up into a cool video with effects, music, and then you can upload it and share it to YouTube! Tahdah! This is my lazy YouTube gem!


One of you lucky readers will score one of your own HTC M9 Phone! It is a GSM, so it does not matter where you live or your carrier, HTC has a phone for you!


All you have to do is follow the steps in this giveaway form! The more steps you make, the more entries you earn! And you have FIVE days to enter! The giveaway ends on June 30th, at 11:59 PST!

Who is ready to score and have a bit of fun with a new phone!?!

Enter to win your own HTC INK M9 Phone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on June 30th, at 11:59 PST!

Good luck!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Recently I’ve made a huge move to another country. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve sold lots of my belongings only to find out that I have to travel back to the US once more and then travel back to Germany before I can finally marry the love of my life. I’ve paid so much in travel fees it’s crazy and I know now that there will be very little for our wedding. I’ve also had to seriously cut back on my love for fashion due to this. I love HTC and Android. I personally think they are a perfect combo. This phone would give me a chance to capture the soon to come happy moments with the great camera quality. HTC has really made something great.

  2. I would love to receive the new HTC. I have always loved them. I currently have an older Samsung Galaxy (not even the 4), and would love to upgrade my phone. However, due to financial constrictions. an upgrade isn’t in the cards right now. The HTC has great camera/video capabilities and features, making it a great choice for a constant concert goer, such as myself.

  3. I’m an HTC girl and my current phone has the cooties so a new one would be grand. I tend to go for the silver phones but the new gold one is sliiiiiiick.

  4. I am in desperate need of a new phone! My teeny tiny smartphone has a back that pops off when you look at it cross-eyed and the battery lasts about 4 hours lol it’s an older LG no name and it’s served me well over the last 2.5 years ( I know, it’s ancient!!!) Love my Android phones so this HTC is one I’ve been literally drooling over!!! Oh, and I love all your blog posts!!! So much yes!

  5. As my mother’s health declines I’m always trying to capture as many memories as I can. Someone broke my phone recently and it will no longer take pictures. I’d love to have this great quality phone to continue doing just that…. Creating and capturing memories

  6. I’ve got an old iPhone and have been wanting to switch to an Android phone, and the HTC looks amazing!

  7. Why I need a new phone? My old/current phone doesn’t recognize sync anymore and the pictures are less than stellar. How’s a gal supposed to snap inspiration with that?! 🙂 I’m curious about the speed, connectivity, and sound quality.

  8. I need a new phone b/c the one I’ve been using for the past year and a half…lets just say it leaves a LOTTT to be desired! #teamFlip But now that I’m living in Atlanta, 9hrs away from family, meeting a lot of new and amazing ppl thru modeling, I’d really enjoy a new phone like the HTC INK M9 to keep in touch and share all of my new experiences with my loved ones back home. Also the picture quality is excellent & I like its sleek and chic design!

  9. I would absoluytely LOVE a new HTC phone! They’re really the only company I like. It’s so hard to fine a great camera on a great phone, and this seems like a winning combination!

  10. I need this phone desperately. I’ve been using HTC exclusively since 2009. I dropped one of my phones from the 3rd floor of a parking garage and it still worked. From then on, I was hooked. Since that phone, I’ve had the One and the OneX. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with them overheating, but I simply refuse to let go of HTC. My family is all Samsung and teases me for not swapping, but HTC ‘s op system is so user friendly and the design of the phone is always on point. My current phone is on its last leg, literally. Had I not paid my sister’s tuition, I’d have bought the latest model. That won’t be an option for a few months, now. So, it would be a wonderful blessing to have a phone that actualy works!!!

  11. I need this phone desperately. My current phone is on its last leg. I’ve been exclusive with HTC since 2009, when I dropped my phone from the 3rd floor of a parking garage- and it still worked. I’ve since had the One and OneX. While I’ve had issues with overheating and combating my all-Samsung family, I refuse to let go. The op system is streamlined and so user friendly; and the design of the phones are always on point; and the camera is awesome. Had I not paid my sister’s tuition, I’d have the latest model. That winter be happening for a few months, now. So, it’d truly be a blessing to receive this phone, and continue my relationship with HTC!

  12. This phone is just gorgeous! It would be a great birthday present to me! Thank you for this give-away regardless of who wins!

  13. I’m in the market for a new phone. LOVE the HTC Ink (Gold) phone and can definitely use a phone with a crisp camera!

  14. This phone is SO sleek and fancy looking! I can definitely see myself upgrading to this as my next phone from my old Galaxy S3. I can totally seeing myself having a blast taking photos with this hauteness!!

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