Gotta Have It: Swan by Clements Ribeiro Red ‘Joan’ Dress with Sequin

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Did you know that the Evans collaboration with Clements Ribeiro launched over the weekend? Ohhh yes it did! And there are a few items that I have my eye on! Last week I shared with you the entire collection and editorial images, and guess what? It’s time to shop! LOL.

What has caught my eye the most?

This Red ‘Joan’ Dress with Sequin Shoulder Embellishment

 Swan by Clements Ribeiro for Evans Joan Dress

Growing up, I was never allowed to wear red. No red dresses, skirts, nail polish, lipstick… For some reason (old school mother) wearing red meant you were fast. WHICH is probably why NOW, I hardly own red items-OR I do but I do not wear them often…

Swan by Clements Ribeiro for Evans Joan Dress

BUT, now that I am grown? HA! I find myself attracted even more to everything RED. I think in my mind, it’s me saying “I can handle this dress and the attention it attracts.”  And this little number from Evans… ohh yes, I would wear it with a few adjustments:

  • I would shorten the dress. Given the shape and the silhouette, I need the legs to balance this- especially with how tall I am! (I am 5’8”).
  • I would make sure this dress fit me like Tara’s picture (the top/main image), rather than on the shop model. It is amazing how the change of someone with or without curves can change the look of a dress!
  • I would pair this dress with SKY HIGH stilettos! Either peep toe or pumps, its all about the drama with this dress. An understated or subtle sexiness- yes?

Do you like this Joan Dress? How would you wear it?

If not the Joan dress, which item from the Swan by Clements Ribeiro Collection for Evans is a Gotta Have It item for you?

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Written by Marie Denee

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