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 US Plus Size Conversion

Hi Miss Marie, how are you? I have a fashion question. UK sizes run small yes? I found the most amazing dress that will rock my whole body and I wear a 22. It’s in a 22 but it’s Dorothy Perkins? I should lean on not buying it yes?

Dorothy Perkins Aqua Peplum Dress

This is the dress. Do you know where I can get anything like this on a budget (aka under 100)?

Leah W.

Hello Leah,

Thank you so much for your email! You know I write about and feature so many international plus size designers and yes, it can get tricky when you are confined to online shopping and size charts. To help you out, I have a few tips and need to know information for your reference!

A few tips when shopping online with international plus size designers:

  • UK sizing: The sizes you see on an UK site are not the same as US sizing. Neither is Australian sizing! To help you out, always reference the size charts. BUT also see if they have US conversions on their site.
  • If there isn’t a conversion on the site, you can reference a few places! I really love Kathy’s Curvy Corner, which houses the various size conversions across a few countries- including the metric conversion for lingerie too!
  • Most international brands now have US versions of their website, so if you can make sure you use those if you can to give you some guidance along the way!  For example, Evans, ASOS Curve, City Chic, and Dorothy Perkins have US versions of their website, in which the sizing is converted into US sizing, to help you shop! Being that I am located in the US, most links I give (especially in my plus size designer lists) are to the US version of the sites!
  • Know that each retailer and designer has their own aesthetic- some are cut more body conscious and others more conservatively. For example, Dorothy Perkins does fit more on the smaller side, BUT if you look at the fabrication of the dress, depending on your shape, you have to see if it is worth a try- you may be surprised- which brings me to…
  • Return policies. I only shop places online that have a generous return policy. ASOS is really good for this and so is Dorothy Perkins. The only thing about Dorothy Perkins I do not like is the lack of expedited shipping L .
  • Worst case scenario, if you look at the size conversions and still are unsure, buy the item (of you can) in two sizes. I have done this multiple times! I buy the size I think and depending on the retailer, I buy the size up or down- usually up for me!

But to answer your question more in depth, if you are a US size 22, chances are you may be sized out of their dresses as their UK 22 is a US size 18. But do not fret, as the dress you referenced is definitely one that can be found at a few plus size retailers, thanks to the ladylike trend and the peplum trend for the spring!  Make sure you follow the link for fashionable options and the designers and retailers who offer similar options!

I hoped this helped you out some!

If you are reading this and shop internationally, what tips would you share? What designers do you find convert quite nicely for you?


Do you have a style or fashion question? Please do not hesitate to shoot me an email and your question could be featured here! 

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