His Two Cents: Self Sabotage and Stinking Thinking

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While I was gone I had a revelation or two. I discovered that I’ve become the master of self-sabotage!

I have realized that I was standing in the way of my own happiness. I would unknowingly create conflict where there was none, I would trip myself up with my own words, thoughts, and actions.


Well let me tell you.

His Two Cents: Self Sabotage and Stinking Thinking on #TCFStyle

It’s easier to accept failure than to pursue happiness. I know that sounds harsh, but a lot of us suffer from this affliction. Have you ever been in a relationship that was going ok and you began to search for blemishes in the person or yourself? You found them and the relationship that was good now has issues. Have you ever been working out, lost a few pounds, and all you’d focus on was stretch marks, the parts that still jiggle, or the pounds that you haven’t? Do you have a man that loves you, loves to make love to you and you focus everything but that?

I have learned in my time in therapy (yes, men go too) that I was a victim of STINKING THINKING. I allowed my thoughts to regulate my mood and perceptions. I allowed what negative energy I had, to sabotage life decisions. I let that bad mojo go to town on my joy. But no more. I decided that 3 things contribute to my life’s direction, God, faith and future.

His Two Cents: Self Sabotage and Stinking Thinking on #TCFStyle I have come to learn that we can’t run forward if we tie our own shoelaces together. I have been guilty of this often. I realize now, that my life had become a series of negative vibes. I would see things and go straight to the negative. I would call myself an optimistic pessimist with pride. How naïve I was. I have recently recognized that my joy, happiness, and pleasure completely stems from my outlook. A great friend has tried to drill that in me for a while now. (Thanks friend)

I know I’m blessed. I know we all are. If I believe in God, have faith he will get me through whatever storm, and believe my future is in his hands, no issue can derail me.His Two Cents: Self Sabotage and Stinking Thinking on #TCFStyle

We need to recognize the power of thought and the necessity of action. Don’t just think about what makes you happy, do that thing. Don’t just think about your hopes and dreams attempt to achieve them. Live this life not only in your mind, but in reality too.

His Two Cents: Self Sabotage and Stinking Thinking on #TCFStyle My father used to tell me, your world can be as big or as small as you make it. That also applies to your happiness. We as culture focus on why things don’t go right. Not so much on how to make things better. That’s why I love writing in this forum, you women are beautiful, sexy, smart, funny and loving and so much more, but sometimes you let what society says dictate your self-worth, image etc.

Let’s all try to concentrate on what’s perfect about us, what’s right in our lives and stop hindering our own causes.

Let’s set out to make this day the best one, and maybe if, JUST IF we string along enough of them, days turn into weeks, months etc.


I have committed myself to positive thought, action, and words going forward despite the storms, clouds or turmoil life throws my way! Let’s love this life, even through and with the struggle. Soon we will have built a bridge with all the bricks life has thrown at us!

DJ out!

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Written by DJ

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  1. I LOVE this! This is the first article of yous I read, but I really enjoyed it – more, more more! But back to this article, it’s so true – we can sabotage anything by focusing on the flaws instead of all the good things. In a lot of LoA circles, the “just do it” is called “moving your feet” and applies when you’re maybe not super happy with a situation, so you choose to focus on the good while also making moves to change what you don’t like.

  2. DJ-I wholeheartedly agree with you! I have found that as we grow through our own flaws, emotions, pain, and lessons learned, it makes our character stronger. I often tell others that nothing grows on God’s green earth without water, so water yourself (cry) and begin this journey of letting go of the negativity. I am now a strong tree with deep roots and can bear more than I once thought I could. I released my “stinkin thinkin” errors. I dont just “do” what I have to, I “be” who I am and smile! I have learned to LOVE myself and chase my happiness! NOW, I am waiting patiently for others to also build their bridges and join me on this journey of a fulfilled and joyous future.

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