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While I am at it- Saks Yanks its Salon Z In Stores

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Breathe Marie, Breathe. Earlier I vented my frustrations about getting visibly plus size models to model the plus size clothing being offered to us. Your comments and concerns were so welcomed and inspiring! Today? We are losing Salon Z at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

I am pissed. BEYOND. Cleans my glasses, takes a deep breath, and tries to focus. I hear rumors floating and now, it has hit the damned ceiling. So, it was reported on Lucky, shared on twitter, and popping up across the internets:


SAKS is pulling its Salon Z from all of its locations


Poor Sales they tout.


Where do I even begin?
Lets see…

You have plus size inside “select” stores, barely advertise, merchandise, advertise or celebrate it- THEN (due to lack of awareness) you PULL OUT. Haha, I have seen this done before at another retailer… Having plus size in most (not all, cause few are doing an okay job) department stores sets it up for failure! NOW they want to PULL OUT all of its plus size options?

Are you serious?

I am not sure if they understand the message that not only Saks but the other retailers that have brick and mortar stores but that sell plus sizes ONLY online send. Like what Marie?
Well, here are a few that come to mind:

  • We will take your money but please, oh please, do not come into my store
  • You really do not matter
  • I do not know how to serve you

THIS MAKES NO SENSE, especially after it was SAKS who dared to carry high end designer clothing in plus sizes, carried an impressive amount of contemporary plus size clothing, and actually appeared to give a damn about the contemporary plus size woman.

So, where does this leave us with Salon Z Closed?

  • Bloomingdales?
  • Macy’s?
  • Nordstrom?  
  • Lord and Taylor?
  • Specialty Plus Size Stores?
  • Plus Size Boutiques?

WHY would you deny the plus size woman fashionable rights and options, when she holds 28% of the purchasing power, yet you only chose to spend 17% ofthe apparel dollar on her?

AND since you are going online, How about a visible plus size model?

SMH. THIS is despicable and makes no business sense to me!

Please let me know how this makes you feel. I cannot be the only person pissed off by this.

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I just got back from an entire day of disappointment in trying to find high-end, designer clothing in B&M stores in plus sizes. At Nordstrom today, I was directed to their “Encore” section, wa – a – a – a -y in the back of the store, like they don’t want to see us, and of course the sections placed prominently are the teens and petites.

    So I meandered back there to find one sales woman. I said, “I’d like to purchase expensive designer clothing in plus sizes. Can you direct me?” My hopes were not high because the entire department comprised about four short racks of clothes. She said, “Oh, yes, we have Eileen Fisher, Karen Kane,” etc. I looked around and all I could see were cheap-looking muu-muu style tops in loud 1980s garish colors.

    She said, sheepishly, “Well, mostly online, but we have these few things here.” She led me to two short racks, one free-standing and one on the wall and said, “This is the Eileen Fisher. There were approximately five items in a few sizes each. I said, “Really? This is IT!? This is all you have?” I told her this was not nearly enough to choose from. I said I need to try on a dozen things just to find one.

    So I said, “Oh, well, show me to the Karen Kane.” (Not exactly high end in my book, but I was game to see what they had since some of her things fit well.) She replied, “Oh, we don’t actually have them HERE! They’re online.”

    I cast my eye across the few choices before me of unknown brands, with wild prints looking like the material used on the inside of a late 70s recreational vehicle. I was plenty steamed.

    Thinking I’d try more everyday things, I tried J. Jill next. “Oops, sorry. We don’t carry the plus sizes in the store, only online.”

    WTF. I’m retired, wealthy, and TRYING to give someone my money, but they won’t take it! My age group and size hold the big bucks. Why won’t they see this? Am I too abhorant to even come into your store? That is what they are telling me. Even Talbot’s Woman had ugly colors and boxy cuts, even though some of their misses and petites items were quite alluring. Why can’t they take the same clothes they make for Misses and Petites — the same fabric and colors — and just cut them to fit plus sizes? Why, when they start into the -X or -W sizes do they change the prints to gigantic tropical flowers and huge geometric prints? Do they think we don’t have taste because we are larger?

    Okay, there, I’ve said it.

    I enjoyed your blog. You are not alone. I’m attractive, intelligent, ready-to-spend, and I just happen to be large, and I cannot find clothes to buy.

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