Road Tripping and Beauty Blasting with D.I.Y. Diva

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Heyyyyy! Welcome back to my LATEST installment in my D.I.Y. Diva episode as YOUR Fashion Cruze-arati! If you are new to my blog, or haven’t caught up with this Cruze-arati thing, in January, Chevy launched a new social media campaign for their latest car- The Chevy Cruze!

They have chosen ME as their Fashion Cruze-arati, traveling across the country to share with you the most UNEXPECTED in Fashion! This week’s adventure takes me 400 miles north to San Francisco! In a special two part video, I get to share with you MY once secret vice- MAKEUP!

Chevy Fashion Cruzearati: DIY DIVA: Pigment Cosmetics

After such a long trip (6 hours!), a girl needed to freshen her look up and helping me with this were the lovely people at Pigment Cosmetics and Blush School of Makeup- San Francisco’s oldest and only beauty and makeup school!

While here, I met with the ever so talented and Director of Education- Catherine Kalessis! She showed me how we can go from day to night in just a few brush strokes! Being such a closeted beauty junkie, I have been elated in sharing my needs for my beauty fixes with you and Pigment Cosmetics has helped right along the way!

Check out part one- The Day Look:

One of my favorite makeup tips is the APPLICATION of the foundation!  Not shown in the video here, but rather than using your fingers or a foundation brush, Catherine advised that I use a BLUSH BRUSH! YES!!! Using a blush brush in a circular motion uses LESS product AND gives an airbrushed finish!

WOOT! I love this tip!!!!

Chevy Fashion Cruzearati: Pigment Cosmetics

Part Two- The Night Look:

Which look is more YOUR look? How long do you take to get ready for your day?

This is the FIRST STOP amongst a few while I was in San Francisco! You definitely must STAY TUNED for more of my adventures while in SF as your Fashion Cruze-arati! Here is a hint: We feature one of SF’s own, who caters to the woman’s curve!

For more information about San Francisco’s own Beauty and Makeup School, please visit Pigment Cosmetics!

The Chevy CruzearatiP.S. Also, do not forget to check back in DAILY with me and on the UBER COOL Cruze-arati website, follow me @mariedeneeAND [email protected] on Twitter, catch #Cruzearati on Foursquare, and peep all the #Cruzearati on Facebook! My webisodes will also be featured on the Chevy You Tube Page!

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Written by Marie Denee

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