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Trending: A Few Denim Styles to Wear this Spring!

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Let’s talk plus size denim, shall we? Ask any woman to tell you her top five closet favorites, and I bet you something denim is on the list. Maybe. If not, it is at the top of her lst for the scariest things to shop for. One or the other! Just last week, our EIC, Marie Denee played around with some cool new trends in plus size denim, which has us really excited.

She even did a high kick and splist in those jeans! Did you see that???

This was impressive, considering I never thought jeans would ever be this comfortable!

Denim has changed so much in fashion and we’re here for all of it. We’ve been watching the denim trend evolve and loving it. From the re-invented Mom jean to the return of patchworked denim to unfinished hems?

Loving it.

Casual and funky to perfectly polished, these new textures and styles have me totally crushing over jeans again. That’s why today, we share a few of the plus size denim trends in spring, that we know you will be rocking!

Ready to check out what’s new in denim this spring? Well, I am hyped to share them with you!

You ready?

Denim Styles to Watch this Spring

Color Blocked Plus size Jeans from eloquii

Blocked Jeans at


Patchwork Denim Skinny plus size Jeans at Lane Bryant

Patchwork Denim Skinny Jeans at


Patchwork Plus Size Jeans at Addition Elle

Patchwork Jeans at


Daisy Street Plus Boyfriend Jean with Patchwork Detail

Daisy Street Plus Boyfriend Jean with Patchwork Detail at


Studio Cuffed Plus Size Jean with Patches

Studio Cuffed Jean with Patches at


ASOS CURVE Plus Size Denim Jumpsuit

ASOS CURVE Denim Jumpsuit in Dark Wash Blue With Belt at


Silver Girlfriend Plus Size Jeans

Silver Girlfriend Jeans at


Wide Leg Plus Size Denim Capri

Wide Leg Denim Capri at


Fringed Denim Plus Size Shirt Dress

Fringed Denim Shirt Dress at

Did you know there were so many ways to rock your plus size denim this spring? Are you excited?  These looks are far from the days of basic jeans and t-shirts.  I mean, you can still rock jeans and a tee, but now it’s more like destructed boyfriends and cool graphic tees. I’m so swooning over the cropped denim jumpsuit situation, I can see it on casual Friday already.

If you want to learn more about plus size jeans and how to shop or them, make sure you check out our Style 101: Plus Size Denim Guide! 

Which look is your favorite? How much denim do you wear in a week? 

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Written by Pepper Martin

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  1. I love how versatile jeans have become! Patch jeans are so easy to make something that is truly your personality and I would love to see how some of these styles look on models that don’t have a flat stomach – since I know that’s something I look for when I’m shopping for jeans. Those girlfriend jeans are top notch

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