Do You Lounge in Lingerie? Indulge a Little with Inspire Psyche Terry

When was the last time that you pampered and primped for yourself? When was the last time you got all dressed up for yourself, just because you wanted to feel good? Lounging around your home or even in a hotel room, while on a business trip? Yes, honey. See, over the past few months, I have shared with you, the latest finds and playful options that lingerie brand, Inspire Psyche Terry has for us! And today, I wanted to share a bit more but also have a little conversation with you about lingerie and lounging around in it.

I have a girlfriend who ONLY sleeps in fancy nighties. One who travels with baby doll options. I have another who loves to sleep in the nude. Married, single, or seriously dating- with and without kids, these women impress me. With their ability to take some time or create some sort of “Me Time” to feel and look sexy for themselves. I see this, as a form of self-care; Indulging in themselves…

And it doesn’t even HAVE TO BE lingerie, baby steps, right? It can be sexy boy shorts, throwing on your robe as you are getting ready for work or life. So, let me share with you a few of these items that has made its way into my collection of fanciness or those that just are so curious and exciting!

You ready?

 Indulge a Little:

Plus Size Lingerie and Lounge Wear from Inspire Psyche Terry

Inspire Psyche Terry plus size lingerieInspire Lace Mesh Sweetheart Babydoll & Thong

Inspire Psyche Terry plus size lingerieInspire Lace Plunge Chemise & Thong

Inspire Psyche Terry plus size lingerieInspire Lace Mesh Sweetheart Gown & Thong

Inspire Psyche Terry plus size lingerieInspire Lace Plunge Chemise & Thong

Inspire Psyche Terry plus size lingerieInspire 3/4 Mesh Robe

Inspire Psyche Terry plus size lingerieInspire 3/4 Mesh Robe

I must admit, when rocking segzy chonies, I do prance around town feeling like I have a secret or sashay with an extra twist, because I feel on top of the world. What is even cooler? Knowing that Inspire Psyche Terry carries sizes small through a 4x. For me, sexy underwear does this for me and it is a lot of fun, especially when you find a few options that speak to you!

Like a few of these from Inspire Psyche Terry. Having the opportunity to play around in a few of these pieces, doing one of my boldest photoshoots- EVER, and indulging in my curiosity of lounging in fancy lingerie has definitely given my “Walk” a bit more spring in my step. Ha!

Inspire Psyche Terry with Marie DeneeYou can find all of these and shop them NOW, at!

I mean, can’t you see yourself having a cup of coffee on the couch in this? Or as you wind down from your day, with a glass of wine?

I will admit, not until I tried these on, did I start to think that I could actually chill and lounge in them, without trying to be segzy for someone else. Doing this, realizing this, allowed me to see myself segzy for me!


Which pieces catch your attention? That you can see yourself in? I have to know!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Inspire Psyche Terry and my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I need to break our the Lacies and Chiffon for “Moi” and not just just Honey’s arrival. I think because the Ladies of the 1940-1950’s did the whole Glam thing along with seated Vanity table, etc. — they were more confident. It’s a fact that sexiness starts with self-confidence.

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