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Gotta Have It: Gibson Cutaway Metallic Blazer

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So this fall, there are two trends that together have intrigued me. Metalics and the rightful return of the blazer. I say return, as we haven’t seen too much attention paid to blazers across the board. In plus size fashion, we have usually had safe options or more tailored for work options. So when I saw this jacket, I was excited!

Meet the Gibson Cutaway Metallic Blazer from Nordstrom! I did try to find out more about this brand, and could only find a men’s label! Pay NO attention to the smaller sized model here, and let us focus on the fabulousness of this jacket. The jacket is available up to a 3X!


Gibson Plus Size Metallic Blazer

In one of the most playful trends, metallic, this jacket gives me a little of holiday feel but also a fierce edge that could be translated to any mood!

Why it works:

As a plus size woman with an uber high waist, where this hits, is golden for me! The opening of the jacket has a crazy cool line that, for me, will draw attention away from some of my not so happy places!

I imagine this jacket with:

Either a fitted midi bodycon dress, with stiletto ankle booties


Dark rinse ankle jeans (preferably black or tuxedo pants) paired back to a sheer and frilly blouse!

How do you feel about this jacket? Don’t you think that there are more than a few fun options to play with? When it comes to clothing, I need to be able to wear one a few different ways! 

Seriously, there are already quite a few ways that you could rock this jacket! If you are someone who likes unique shapes and details, then this is it for you! Get it here! 

What do you think? How would you rock this jacket?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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