Attending an Evening Wedding? We’ve Got Tips For You to Wow the Crowd!

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When you are plus sized bride, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a stressful endeavor. I know this. You know this. We all know this. But what about if you are a plus sized guest at an evening wedding? Searching for that perfect plus size evening wedding guest style?  That’s certainly no walk in the park!

Not only do you have to find a flattering dress that fits you perfectly, but you have to ensure that you’re not dressed too formally or casually for the wedding… What’s a curvy girl to do? Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research and we’re more than willing to share the deets on all we’ve learned.

Of course, because we are ALL about fashion here at The Curvy Fashionista, our handy dandy guide will include examples to ensure you totally nail it when you attend your next wedding… without outshining the bride, of course!

Here’s Your Plus Size Evening Wedding Style Picks

When attending a wedding as a guest, the first and foremost clue to suitable attire should be from the bride and groom themselves. Most wedding invites specify how they want their attendees to dress for their big day. The invitations should clue you in to whether the festivities will be either formal, semi-formal, or informal (casual).  Check out our quick slide show giving you examples of fun and fashionable plus size evening dresses that are perfect for formal weddings!

What to Wear to an Evening Wedding- Bergalia Foiled Chain Neck Trapeze Dress
Bergalia Foiled Chain Neck Trapeze Dress, at


What to Wear to an Evening Wedding- Embellished Crochet & Jersey Gown
Embellished Crochet & Jersey Gown, at


What to Wear to an Evening Wedding- Off the Shoulder Ruffle Overlay Jumpsuit
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Overlay Jumpsuit, at


What to Wear to an Evening Wedding- Embellished Scoop Back Gown
Embellished Scoop Back Gown, at


What to Wear to an Evening Wedding- Michel Studio Solid Fit & Flare Dress with Ruffles
Michel Studio Solid Fit & Flare Dress with Ruffles, at


What to Wear to an Evening Wedding- Drape Front Strapless Dress at AshleyStewart
Drape Front Strapless Dress, at


If you are attending an evening wedding with formal attire, it’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your hidden Dynasty fantasies. Feel free to rock a long evening dress, dressy cocktail dress, and if you really want to commit to the glitz and glamour… gloves. An evening formal wedding is the best time for the most glittery, sequin-adorned items you can find.


If the invite to your evening wedding indicates the dress is semi-formal, feel free to keep the sequins to a minimum, instead opting for a simple cocktail dress, tea-length dress or dressy pantsuit. Evening wedding guests generally are requested to wear dark colors, so unless specified leave the bright colors and soft pastels at home.

Informal (Casual)

If you are attending an evening plus size wedding with informal or casual attire, please do not consider this an invite to rock jeans and tank tops. Don’t be that person, y’all.  For the casual evening wedding, a simple summer sundress would be killer. Also a skater dress would be excellent wedding attire (that you could wear again after the wedding’s over.. Bonus!)

When you are given the opportunity to attend a wedding, you are being blessed with the chance to watch love take on a new beginning. The objective is to dress in a manner that is stylish and blends well with the other attendees. This ensures that all eyes are where they should be… The bride and the groom!

Do you have style tips and tricks for evening weddings? Let’s share the wealth of knowledge, tell us all about it!!!

Until next time!!

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Written by Audrey Canady

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