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Gotta Have It: 10 Petite Plus Size Maxi Dresses & How to Rock Them!

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Hey ladies! How was your 4th of July? Mine? AMAZING! It definitely seems like summer is in full swing, and nothing feels more like summer than an easy, breezy maxi dress.  From backyard cookouts to brunch to the beach, maxi dresses work for pretty much anywhere and have a free-spirited, bohemian feel that is just perfect for summer.

That said, maxi dresses can be a challenge for petites.  As your resident petite plus size contributor, I can definitely tell you that finding a great fitting maxi dress can be difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible.  More and more retailers are offering petite and short length maxi dresses!  Seriously, shopping is getting so much easier!

While we’re always on the lookout for petite options, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Torrid is now offering short length plus size maxi dresses! The reigning choice for petite plus jeans (hello “extra short” options!) is also now a retailer to find petite maxi dresses. Just check out some of the petite/short length maxi dresses from places like I’m loving!

Gotta Have It: 10 Petite Plus Size Maxi Dresses!


That said, there are certainly more maxi dresses available in average lengths, so we wanted to give you a few tips to keep in mind for when you’re shopping average length dresses for your petite plus figure:

1.  Fit the bodice and shoulders.  The most important part to fit in a maxi dress is the bodice and shoulders.  If the shoulders are too wide or the waist of the dress is too low, the dress won’t look right without extensive and sometimes expensive alterations.  Look for empire or no-waist options for the best fit.

2.  Make friends with a tailor or seamstress.  The complaint that we usually hear about maxi dresses is that they are too long.  Well, if length is the only fit issue, keep in mind that this is actually an easy and relatively cheap fix.  Having an unlined maxi dress hemmed will likely run you somewhere from $8 to $20.  While it can be a pain to get things altered, it’s still a fairly cheap fix.  Look for a great deal on the dress, and then have the dress chopped to your perfect length.

3.  Know your measurements.  Particularly when online shopping, it can be really useful to know your measurements.  Measure one of your favorite maxi dresses from shoulder to hem to get a good idea of what length dress you will need.  Be sure to take into account whether you’ll be pairing your dress with heels or flats.  If you don’t currently own any maxi dresses, the next best option is to measure a shorter dress and then measure the remainder of your legs from the hem to ankles/feet

4.  Get creative.  Midi dresses can be an amazing option for petites.  If midi dresses fit in the waist and shoulders (see tip 1), then the length might just be perfect as a maxi dress!  For example, this midi dress from ELOQUII worked perfectly as a maxi dress for my 4’9″ frame.

5.  Try custom fit.  Custom fit clothing is becoming much more popular, especially among independent designers.  Get your perfect length with a dress from Myrda J, Smart Glamour, Chubby Cartwheels, eShakti, or others.

Now, you’ve got all the tools for finding the perfect petite plus maxi dress for you!  Time to get shopping. Let us know which of these petite plus options catches your fancy!

Are there any items you avoid as a petite plus shopper?  Looking for any tips for getting a good fit?  Let us know, and we’ll try to help!Gotta Have It: 10 Petite Plus Size Maxi Dresses & How to Rock Them!

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for this! I’m short and plus and have become a pro at buying maxi dresses made in a way I can cut 5 inches off the bottom without hurting the integrity of the dress! Lol love this. Thanks again. ❤

  2. I’m 5’7″-5’8″ and plus sized..regular store sizes are usually too small..some plus sizes, too big..stores carry averge pants 5’5″ or long 5’10”..what about us girls in the middle..

  3. I am SO PROUD of how far Torrid has come in the past 10 years. Short length maxis are just another reason why I am a loyal customer. (Everything I’m wearing right now is actually from there lol)

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