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New Video: Cost Per Wear and a Few Fave Plus Size Jeans

New Video: Cost Per Wear and a Few Fave Plus Size Jeans

New Video: Cost Per Wear and a Few Fave Plus Size Jeans

Happy Day!

It is a new week and I have a new Video! Woot!!! Today, I wanted to talk about Cost Per Wear and have a little fun with this. You see, as we ready ourselves and our closets for a new season, before we delved more into this, I wanted to chat a bit about what I use to help my justify a few of my favorite purchases: Cost Per Wear.

 My Latest Video: Cost Per Wear and Plus Size Jeans


Funny note: Yes, my hair is actually blue… no halo or effect… the sun is picking it up where pictures could or cannot! 🙂

In my video, I break down a few reasons why I find it helpful and why it makes the most sense! In my research on this, to make sure I gave you some cool references, I found a few posts to check out to help you out here. BUT, when it comes to this, let me just define it out for you… Think about it, I learned from AskMen, that the average man rocks a pair of $200 about 40 times a year.

To get the CPW, you would take the cost and divide it by the times you would rock it… so here, 200/40 and rather than thinking those jeans cost 200, you have a cost per wear option of %4 per wear… Sounds a bit better yes?

What items should you pay attention to with CPW? Interestingly enough, one of the best places that breaks it down and gives fabulous guidance is Ask Men and their breakdown!

Clothing staples: These are items you will wear for longer than one season. Try to stay below an annual $25 CPW.

Trendy items: Taste in clothing tends to reflect the most current trends, so these are items you will wear a few times and then toss. Try to stay below an annual $15 CPW for these items.

Luxury items: These are your classic and timeless pieces that will transcend season and trend. An acceptable annual CPW for a luxury item can be about $30 to $60.

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Plus Size Denim

In the video, I also answered a question about a few favorite jeans. In the post, I reference Torrid’s Stiletto Jeans and the Silver Jeans Brand. You can see me quite often in both of those jeans… especially this pic in Torrid!

 Stiletto Jeans: show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans

Silver Jeans:

My Style: Silver Jeans Co. "Style Wars" West Coast: Round 2

Another tip I share, especially for the tall girls is that City Chic has a great assortment of plus size denim! And their inseam is ridiculously long… so I have experienced! You can find and learn more of my favorite plus size jeans and denim here, in the Plus Size Denim 101 and over at my favorite plus size designers list!

In the meantime, do you have a question you would like asked on the next video? Leave your questions on the video here, or on in the comments below!


What did you think of my latest video? Did you love it? Want more? What topics do you wanna talk about?

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  • Great video and post! I’ve started applying the cost per wear method a lot during these last few months. It makes sense and like you, paying more for a handbag (or pair of “sensible” shoes) is smart bc I wear those items daily. Great tips – keep these videos coming!

  • Great Video Marie!! Very Informative and down to earth … great job with the editing as well … keep em coming I’m enjoying watching you

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