MoNique’s Alter Ego Shoot by D. Blanks

Monique's Alter Ego by D.Blanks

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Scooping the latest in plus size entertainment, Thicksational is a must read for the news, gossip, and so much more! While perusing her site today, I stumbled across the latest photo shoot of Precious’s co star, MoNique! Remember the Alter Ego shoot D. Blanks did for the Housewives of Atlanta? Well, this same photographer worked his magic on them, and now it is time for Miss Monique’s close up. The MoNique Alter Ego shoot is a nice surprise… 

Two Words? Absolutely gorgeous.

Get into this MoNique Alter Ego Shoot by Derek Blanks

Monique's Alter Ego by D.Blanks
Monique’s Alter Ego by D.Blanks

Come through Monique! This one of MoNique taking off her face speaks volumes to me. The face that we have to put on. The various faces that we put forward. This image can be taken a few different ways, depending on where you are. This Image is our favorite one. 

Moniqu'e Alter Ego Shoot by D. Blanks
Monique’s Alter Ego Shoot by D. Blanks

Sometimes, we put on a face for the public, regardless of how we feel on the inside and this is what MoNique’s shoot is conveying to me. We may not feel like $100, but the show still must go on. The job must be finished. Right? 


Monique's Alter Ego Shoot
Monique’s Alter Ego Shoot

This last image? Makes me pause. There are so many ways to interpret this shot… Especially while she is in the theater. Is this in the theater where she would perform her stand up comedy routines? Is this how she feels on the inside, while performing? 

This image prompts so many questions. What questions are you asking yourself after taking these images in? I would love to hear your thoughts!

In the meantime, make sure that you check out the other Alter Ego Shoots from Derek Blanks!

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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