Gotta Have It: This Sequins Plus Size Bustier from Lane Bryant

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I have long been on the fence with bustiers. HOWEVER, since trying on one (an outfit post to come soon) I wanted to see what else there was out in the world and to see if there was a great option for the holiday season, especially if wearing dresses needed a fashionable option!  So, while on the Lane Bryant website, I found this Sequins Plus Size Bustier and immediately was intrigued. For a few reasons too!

I mean…

Rocking a bustier has its varied ranges of styling. Under a velvet suit for the fall? Yes. Paired back to denim? Of course. A pair of tuxedo trousers? MMHMMM. Within a few moments of checking this top out, I already had three ways, within my closet, to rock this top!

See it here:

This Sequins Plus Size Bustier


Look at the detailing. Look, I LOATHE when plus size brands phone it in with design ONLY on the front of items. LOATHE this. But in this top? You can see that they paid attention to this all the way around! For this, I am grateful!


Love it? You can score this sequins bustier from Lane Bryant here!

Add that this will be a great addition to the closet BEYOND the holiday season is a HUGE plus! This little fact right here is definitely a major check off my list. What list? Well, you know we all have (or should) personal rules as to how you shop. For me, if I dream about it or if I can already ee multiple ways to wear it, this is how I know it is a go!

What do you think of this top? How would you wear it? Is this something you could see yourself having fun in? Let’s talk about it!

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Written by Marie Denee

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