Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Sequins Bolero from Evans

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Obviously, I am on a sequins kick… As evidenced from the 45 holiday dresses roundup and the Tuesday Gotta Have It! But this Sequins Bolero from Evans is something I dont think I have seen available in plus sizes yet, especially in this style- I could be totally wrong. Yummy!

This Plus Size Sequins Bolero

BEADED BOLERO JACKET from Evans- The Curvy Fashionista

Add to the fact that this bolero jacket hits at the natural waist? This is a perfect fusion from the traditional shapes that hit right under the bustline… this jacket’s length offers a multitude of personal style options! Worn with a midi skirt, or skinny ankle jeans, or a full skater or midi skirt, this sequins bolero is giving me all sorts of life and excitement!

BEADED BOLERO JACKET from Evans- The Curvy Fashionista

I mean, this jacket is all kinds of amazing! It’s geometric lines and colorway give me variety and attitude. I mean you could allow this to say everything you thought you couldn’t, it is that good. Look at the back of this! You see all of this? YES.  Want. Gotta HAVE IT.

BEADED BOLERO JACKET from Evans- The Curvy Fashionista

You can cop this Sequins Bolero from Evans Here!

 If you haven’t the pleasure of shopping from Evans, their fit is a traditional woman’s silhouette (not junior) and the quality is on point. I haven’t had a problem from any of the garments I have from them! At sizes up to a US 28, there definitely is room here to play in a variety of sizes!

What do we think of this jacket? Could you see yourself in this one? Could you see yourself rocking this a few ways? Let’s discuss!

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