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Gotta Have It: The Stiletto Jean from Torrid

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So, for the longest time, I have had this love/hate relationship with Torrid. I have wanted to love them for the longest but I have never LOVED them… that was until I was invited down to their headquarters last week to have a “coming to Jesus” talk with fellow bloggers.

While we were there, we shared our true and honest emotions, feelings, and thoughts about the brand. How I felt their audience was skewed, the impression of their clothing, and of course I had that one post about their facebook wall…

HOWEVER. Listening to them, hearing their replies from our HARSH and HONEST feedback, I think I even asked the designers “Would you wear this?,” I was open to see what they have been cooking. So much so, that when they asked us to try on a few items, especially the jeans, I moved with cautious optimism.

See, I am a denim nerd. HARDCORE. So, when I agreed to try on their Stiletto Denim that I have been hearing so much about, I was a skeptic.

The Plus Size Stiletto Jean from Torrid


UM. ‘SCUSE ME TORRID. I AM in love with their Stiletto jeans! SO much so, that Sunday, I bought TWO pairs of them! MMHMMM. I bought TWO PAIRS: the 28” Stiletto jean and the Polka Dot ones. And you need to as well!

The 26 Inch Stiletto Jean

The Plus Size Stiletto Jean from Torrid- 26 Inches

Here is why:

  • These jeans are so comfortable for me, the rise hits right at 9 inches, so it is not so low or too high!
  • The blend of the denim does not have too much spandex, to keep the integrity of the denim (read: no saggy booty).
  • I love that this denim comes in two inseams. You have the option of the lower calf hit at 26” or right above the ankle in a 28” inseam.
  • These jeans are seasonless and offer a variety of lifestyle options. You can dress them up or down, with stilettos or boots for the fall.

You can tell that I really dug these, because I was still dreaming of them a week later and bought TWO PAIRS.

The 28 Inch Stiletto Jeans

The Plus Size Stiletto Jean from Torrid - 28 Inches

The Polka Dot Stiletto Jeans 

The Plus Size Stiletto Jean from Torrid - Polka Dot


You can score the stiletto jeans from Torrid here!

The Plus Size Stiletto Jean from Torrid


Have you tried these Stiletto Jeans on? How would you rock these? Let me know in the comments below!


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