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Giving You a Confidence Boost for Your Curves

Giving You a Confidence Boost for Your Curves

Because living as a plus size woman, not every day is a confident one. For some, yes, but for others, we know not where to begin or which side is up. When I caught wind of Alissa’s post from Stylish Curves, I had to share with those of you who struggle with their body image and confidence. Because it is not something you magically wake up with and something you work on, I thought I would share with you ladies five great ways to boost up your confidence and body image…


Hey Curvy Girls All Over The World,
I feel like there is so much negativity when it comes to plus size women taking a stand and saying I love my body. It’s as if the world likes us better when we are sitting at home crying our eyes out because some outdated BMI says that we are overweight or obese. The world would rather have us be ashamed of our fat instead of embracing it. I’m here to tell you today if you are a plus size woman who hasn’t accepted your body or only takes pictures from the neck up, then it’s time to stop and get real with yourself. It’s time to start loving your plus size body….

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  • I totally hear you on this! I noticed as a plus size that the world criticizes more a confident curvy woman rather than one who perpetrates the stereotypes. And may of the latter even criticize confident plus size women because they show there is an alternative. I always say ‘I stand for the right of being positive towards my looks and I let you be negative towards yours if you really insist’ lol.. 

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