Wear Your Geek Out Loud At TCFStyle Expo 2019

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Hey There!! We are now five weeks away for the 2019 TCFStyle Expo!  Five Weeks!!  Do you have your ticket yet? The 2019 TCFStyle Expo is August 9th-11th at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. We are so excited to get this show on the road.  Today we have a special treat, last year speaker and vendor Talynn Kel is sharing some very awesome news with us! Were are so hype to announce this! 

I never considered myself to be a geek. Ever. I enjoyed comic movies but I never did anything considered geeky until I started cosplaying. And now, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t cosplay, so I guess that makes me a cosplay geek.
How can anyone not be? Cosplay is the ultimate self-expression. It’s creative, liberating…it lets you try on pieces of your personality and express them to the fullest. Cosplay helped me find my voice and live my truth in ways I’d never imagined. I learned what it was to want to be seen and plus size fashion helped me achieve that goal.

Wear Your Geek Out Loud At TCFStyle Expo 2019

Fun Costumes Plus Size

Last year, I pitched the idea of having a cosplay panel at TCFStyle Expo. It made perfect sense to me because being a plus-size cosplayer who chooses not to sew means I have to be creative about how I achieve my cosplay looks. That means I spend a lot of time searching for the foundation pieces of clothing that I then modify for my cosplay outfits. Having cosplay at TCFStyle Expo was combining two things that were never actually separate in the first place. Everybody wears clothing and The Curvy Fashionista specializes in finding all kinds of clothing for plus size people. I found two skirts from Juicy Body Goddess at the Expo that have gotten me into a bombshell phase in my cosplay because cosplay is fashion. At least, for me it is.
That said. I still didn’t know what kind of response to expect at TCFStyle Expo because cosplay isn’t welcome everywhere and often, people aren’t respectful of cosplayers. I’ve been in spaces that claimed to be cosplay-friendly only to find myself the only cosplayer there. I’ve had people unfamiliar with cosplay laugh at me, treat me like a performer, and basically mock me for being dressed as I was. Because I didn’t trust it, I wore a slightly toned-down version of my cosplay. I figured it was better to be safe rather than go big and bold.

Plus Size Cool Costumes
What I didn’t understand is that TCFStyle Expo celebrates the big and bold in all of us. I didn’t understand that this Expo embraces not just our love of fashion, but the creative ways we use it. That weekend was amazing for me – not only did people appreciate cosplay, but they wanted to participate. They showed me pictures of their Halloween costumes and events they went to in cosplay…some even lamented not knowing the Expo is a cosplay-friendly event.
Real talk, I’ve attended the Expo in the past and would not have cosplayed there without encouragement, so this year TCFStyle Expo is proud to host a Cosplay Catwalk!

Plus Size Cosplay Event

You read that right. COSPLAY CATWALK!

This is an awesome opportunity to wear your geek out loud at TCFStyle Expo as we celebrate the many ways plus-size fashion is embraced in this community.
Come and cosplay any way you want – you can go small and wear a fun wig to strut your stuff, or you can go all out with body paint, armor, props (no guns or metal swords), and whatever else you want to bring to show us how you #CosplayAnyWay.

You can participate however you want to as you join us on the catwalk to strut your badass cosplay because what’s the fun in wearing it if nobody gets to see you?

Get your ticket for the 2019 TCFStyle Expo Now!! 

I don’t care if this is your first time or your 100th time cosplaying, I want to see all my plus-size geeks out here showing me your creations. Original characters, comic heroes and villains, anime, pop-culture, you decide. Cosplay ANYWAY you want. And share your progress pics on Instagram using the hashtags #TCFStyleExpo, #PlusSizeCosplayer, and #CosplayAnyWay.
I want to see and share your fabulous geek selves.
Our lives. Our rules. Cosplay Any Way.

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Written by Team TCF

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