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Five 2014 Fall Plus Size Fashion Trends to Thrift

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2014 fall fashion trendsAre you ready for fall fashion? Are you ready to trade in the sundresses and bathing suits for luxe layers and attitude? Have you already been saving up your pretty pennies to shop? Wait just a second before you do!

According to a Huffington Post article I read awhile back, a lot of the fall fashion trends are similar to those trends from the spring and summer. Items like midi skirts, sports wear inspired clothing, and oversized coats made the list.

Of course my mind went straight to “what trends can I thrift before hitting the mall or online?” So today, I want to share five 2014 fall plus size fashion trends that I think can be thrifted.

Are you ready?


Five 2014 Fall Plus Size Fashion Trends to Thrift

Midi Skirts. Every time I go to the thrift store there are tons of midi skirts! From vintage to modern styles, the selections are plentiful. Thrifting for midi skirts is perfect, especially if you’re looking for a unique, bold print.

Gold. I love gold and when I see an item that has gold embroidered detailing or a shirt that is gold/metallic, I fall in love! Thrifting items like this is not out of the question. Save some money this season and hit the thrift racks for this trend. One quick tip; think about thrifting the gold trend during the holidays. There are endless options when it gets closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Novelty Prints.  This trend is one of the most popular at the thrift store. You can walk down the aisle and spot a  novelty top instantly. While I’m not a huge fan of novelty prints, I do like to have a few items on hand to wear here and there.

Oversized Coats. Thrift stores are goldmines for oversized coats. I have thrifted several and I always get complimented whenever I wear one. I tend to browse the men’s section first when shopping this trend. Their section seems to have more options and the brands range from Harve Bernard to no name vintage treasures.

Sports Wear. I knew this trend would make a comeback! Wearing sportswear inspired clothing is definitely something I’m looking forward to trying this fall. From overalls, to slouch sweat materiel pants, to sneakers, certain aspects of this trend can be thrifted. Even if you want to go all out and wear an old-school sports jersey, you can thrift it!

Never been thrifting? Make sure check out my posts about plus size thrifting and key items to thrift!

So tell me, what’re some of your favorite 2014 fall fashion trends? Will you be thrifting any fall trends this year? Le me know!

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