Gotta Have It: FELICITY & COCO Junior Plus Size Strapless Maxi Dress

Two things.

One. Have you noticed that Nordstrom is NOW carrying Junior Plus pieces? Yes, lower prices and more contemporary fits that you would find in their Brass Plum (BP) department. High five to Breanne (the online plus size buyer) who has been working on getting varied designers and accessible price points! WOOT!

FELICITY & COCO Junior Plus Size Strapless Maxi Dress

Felicity & Coco Junior Plus Size Strapless Dress at Nordstrom

 Which brings me to this second point and the reason for today’s Gotta Have It. I love this new designer being carried at Nordstrom. This dress speaks to me on sooo many levels. This strapless dress in yummy hues of blue and purple, by Felicity & Coco calls out to me in so many ways. One, it is a maxi dress. Hello… me and maxi dresses go back like baby and pacifiers. Two, it is a maxi dress whose pattern is quite delicious in its style and fit.

Felicity & Coco Junior Plus Size Strapless Dress at Nordstrom

And… this dress is a playful yet chic tie-dye, not too hippie chic in jewel tones that call out to me. And the back of this dress? I love a sassy exit as well as a stunning entrance, and this dress offers a subtle one, to make sure they are watching… (Inserts wink).

Felicity & Coco Junior Plus Size Strapless Dress at Nordstrom

Being that this is junior plus, make sure that you pay attention to the sizing… Junior plus sizes tend to run smaller, or more body conscious, so do not be afraid if these designers fit a bit differently from your other brands from the Encore department!

 Junior Plus Size Size Chart at Nordstrom

You can get this Felicity and Coco dress here! Check out the rest of the Junior Plus Pieces from Nordstrom here!

What do you think of this dress from Felicity & Coco at Nordstrom? What about the new addition of Junior Plus Sizes? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!

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