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It’s quite obviously that through blogging you meet a great deal of awesome fashionistas. I met Christen from via Twitter and we decided to meet up at NYFW one year. Thinking back to the day we met, I remember going — “OOOOH you’re”. She’s tall, gorge, and always has her phone in hand. It was refreshing to meet up with such a great personality that matched her twitter account.
Christen is like a big sister to me (although I am sure I am older). She’s filled with a wealth of media advertisting knowledge, has a crazy cute style, and knows everything there is to know about every gadget that has yet to hit the market. So naturally you should know who Christen is too! Check out what she blogs about, a few blogging tips, and even some lessons that she’s learned along the way.
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1. If you read my blog you’ll get lots of fashion, gadgets/technology and Social Media stuff with a dash of celebrity entertainment(Not GOSSIP)

2. My parents taught me so much, but the one thing that resonates with me daily is to be grateful EVERYDAY & live life with NO REGRETS. 

3. Everyone should know that I am a big sister, auntie and entrepreneur Imported from Detroit.

4. Half the battle of blogging is CONSISTENCY.

5. Fashion is FICKLE but style is SOUL DEEP.


7. If you can combine YOUR PASSION & A PAYCHECK you can succeed anywhere in the world.

8. If I could interview anyone it would be OPRAH and I would ask her invest in the Divas And Dorks brand!  (Hey, why not? LOL)

9. 3 things fashion bloggers should do MAINTAIN a unique opinion & use the fashion blogging platform to catapult you to that next level and get paid for doing what you love. was created in September 2009 to fill a void that existed in print and new media – a celebration of men & women who enjoy the latest in fashion, technology & entertainment. Divas and Dorks readers are intelligent and glamorous, enlightening and entertaining not to mention friendly, fabulous and fun. If you love everything that’s fashionably chic yet extraordinarily geek, if you have an obsession with gadgets and fashion and all things fabulous — then this is the website for you.
Divas and Dorks is more than just your ordinary website.  We’re a community of writers, tipsters, geeks, techs, fashionistas, entertainment reporters and more at your service for the latest news that is important to you.  Finally a site for men and women that not only care about the latest technology news and products, but how it affects different aspects of everyday life.

Do you know a fashion blogger that we should put on our radar? Send me a tweet with the name of the blogger and their blog url!

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