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Ask the Reader: The Exaggerated Cold Shoulder Trend? Yay or Nay?

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Heyyyy girl, hey!!

Okay, I need your help. See, the summer heat is approaching and when I say approaching, it’s pretty much already here, right?!?! Right. So, with this heat, the clothes become a little more fun and revealing, which I am all the way >>here<< for.  And with plus size fashion now giving us fashion ON TREND, I do have a random question that I am soooooooo curious about…

You see, for the longest time in plus size fashion; the only option given to be “sexy” has been the overly played out cold shoulder top. I mean, almost every single top has been a varying form of this…  So as I see this trend coming full force in straight size fashion, but a bit more exaggerated, I am curious about your thoughts!

The Exaggerated Plus Size Cold Shoulder

From left to right: Silk dress from; Drop shoulder dress from; denim drop shoulder dress from

I do like the current iteration of style and trend, but I have no real desire to make it twerk… Let’s be real, seeing another cold shoulder kind of makes me twitch. LOLOL This time around, the cold shoulder has gotten hella exaggerated, sometimes going down to the elbow, I do love this drama, but I am so torn!!

This exaggerated cold shoulder has found itself in every garment such as the dress, shirt, and crop top! But, IONO. Considering that this cold shoulder is uber chic and back on trend, I want to ask what do YOU think about this trend?

The Exaggerated Plus Size Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Dress from

I am soooooo on the fence with this. I mean, with summer heat come the festivals, concerts, and picnics and this bohemian style fashionably makes its mark. Or does it? I mean… do not get me wrong, I think they are supper cute, but am I missing out on something amazing? If I just said I’m honestly over it am I missing out… I suppose I can take my own advice of “Don’t knock it until you rock it!”

Now that I shared my thoughts, I want to hear yours!  Sound off and I only have 3 questions:

The Exaggerated Plus Size Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Dress from

  1. Love them or Over them?
  2. What would be a good alternative to this for you?
  3. Will you be sporting an off the shoulder look this summer?!

Ladies do not be afraid to state your opinion, there is no wrong answer!!! You know how much I love your feedback!!

Until Next Time!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I have one cold shoulder top that I bought, maybe, 6 years ago – which might say a lot about this trend. It might be getting a little tired. The one I have is more tank top style with tee sleeves because this was during the time I was self-conscious about my arms. Plus, tank top styles let me wear my regular bras. If I were into this exaggerated cold shoulder look, I wouldn’t be able to wear the bras I prefer. I don’t have a good strapless bra, and I’m not really willing to dish out the money for one that can actually carry my heavy bust… Aside from that, there are just very few pieces I’ve seen in this style that looks, well, stylish. Of the ones show in this post, the one from Eloquii looks most appealing to me. The ones from Asos just look disheveled, lazy, or unfinished.
    So yeah, this look is not for me.

    • See, I agree with you in soooo many ways… BUT I do have an awesome strapless from City Chic!!!
      I will say a great strapless will change your life!

      But i totally understand!

  2. I finally bought a cold shoulder top just a month or so ago. My husband thinks they look weird, but I decided to wear what I like and not worry about what he (or anybody else) likes. 🙂 I think I look great in it, and I really like these new styles, especially the beige one from ASOS and the brightly colored one from SimplyBe. I think it’s a style that is here to stay. But, I have a question . . . what to wear for a bra. Strapless ones always slip down on me; I’m forever hiking them up. Is it OK to have bra straps showing?

    • you know who has an amazing strapless? City Chic does and it gives you cleavage! or for me it does at least! LOLOL

      Also, Ashley Stewart has great options too!

  3. I have enjoyed seeing so many ladies wear the cold shoulder style. I have tried on one from the Boutique+ line at JCPenney, but felt it was not special enough to warrant me wearing a strapless bra. I have a good one, but after about four hours, it is hurting so bad that I have to change out of it, or if I simply adore the outfit, endure the pain just to look cute. Even though I am a boho style girl, I still have yet to jump on this style even though I find it cute on others.


  4. I really like the look, but I couldn’t wear a normal bra with it, so more than likely I wouldn’t buy one. They look cute on the models though!

  5. The cold shoulder style keeps evolving and I am so into this! It’s much cooler to wear and forgiving on the arms. Chiffon floaty numbers for the romantics and jersey-like for the hip. But beware of polyester.
    Gives you attitude; you automatically pull shoulders back and walk tall.
    I have added 4 new buys for this summer.

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