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EVANS Launches #FashionThatFits In Response to Their Plus Size Survey!

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Raise your hand if you loooove your jeans, but have the darndest time searching for them… Guess what? You are not alone! I mean, can we talk a little bit about the love- hate relationship… Yes we love them; but to love them and to have that perfect pair? These are two completely different things. All the different shades of blue, the various leg shapes, the detailing and the treatments! Ahhhh, the options! Just thinking about them, makes me wish I had every style, color, and look in my hands at this very moment. And with the latest survey results that Evans found, I feel validated and I also realized, I think I may be a denim diva (maybe?).

Like every woman, the whole “try them on” thing is something that at times, can cause panic, anxiety, and a little bit of fear. You know, trying to squeeze, wiggle, and slide into your dream jeans is always an event. Or is this just me… But it makes finding that perfect pair all the more exciting right? Right.

Evans- Fashion That FitsUK plus size retailer, Evans, recently dropped their results of their survey of 2,000 British women and it is good… Do you want to hear what they found out when it comes to looking for the perfect fit, that amazing pair of jeans, the fitting room experience, and sizing in stores?

Get this! The most interesting fact that stood out to us, is that only 12% of women are the same size in every shop! TWELVE PERCENT.

Other fun facts they found?

  • One in five British women still haven’t found their perfect pair of jeans
  • The average British woman will purchase around two pairs of jeans each year, but throws away the same amount because they don’t fit
  • One in five British women have got stuck in clothes they were trying on in store
  • More than one in ten have fallen over while trying clothes on in a changing room
  • And with nearly one in ten British women having to try on more than five pairs of jeans before they buy; and 48% of these women being left frustrated by the fitting room drama

So no. it is not YOU, it is the clothing!

So what does one do with all of this information?

Evans- Fashion That FitsAlthough the stats show that we have colorful experiences in dressing rooms and that we still can’t find our perfect fit pair of jeans, Evans recognizes the opportunity to step up here. Evans has launched a campaign, #FashionThatFits, a campaign that addresses the reality we face when trying on clothes, regardless of our size.

“Listening to our customers has always been at the heart of our brand ethos and understanding the struggles she faces when out shopping will only help us design better clothes that are all about fit” Head of Design – Rebecca Vann Reicher

The #FashionThatFits Campaign calls attention to fit, form, and function, with the Evans design team carefully considering not only the fabrics but also “the scale and placement of prints, pockets and details on every garment; taking into account all body shapes including pear, apple, busty and hourglass.”

Imagine… fashion and denim that fits us how we imagined it to! Comfort, stretch, and soft fabric hugging our curves? Ohhh yes, please. Not only have they paid attention to fit, “specialist training has been given to the retailer’s employees so that it’s not only the designers who are thinking differently.” Okay Evans, I see you…

What Evans is aims to do, is to save us from the struggle and wear #Fashionthatfits!

You can learn more and shop the collection at!

I am curious about this campaign, and even more curious to see how these results will force other plus size retailers to work on their fit? I know that Marie has rocked her pieces from Evans and has vouched for their fit, but I need to hear from YOU. How has your dressing room experience been lately?

Do you resort to your bedroom or are you finding more pleasant in store experiences? Also, who is getting it right for you?

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. The main thing that gets colorful in a dressing room is my language! I can’t stand those places. Never could. I’d rather take the jeans home, try them on and return if they aren’t what I had in mind. Jeans shopping is tough. I found my perfect fit in Torrid but that’s the end of a very long journey. About to go check out Evans.

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