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Dear Santa, I have been Good… I think…

Dear Santa, I have been Good… I think…

My Dear Santa Letter

So, to premise this, I love a great inspiration! So, when Tara Burner shared with me herDear Santa letter,I had to make one asap-tually!


Well, if you think about it- when was the last time you wrote Santa? My mother has my sister and I still making wish lists to give to her for guidance when shopping… also known as “my mother is now Santa.” So after giggling at the thought of making a list, I did one.

Kind of cheesy, as this list only makes up a fraction of what I really want, but I could NOT list it all- I did not want Santa to think me greedy! So I shared the top items I wanted! But in all seriousness, maybe someone (Santa) will gift me the goodies my little heart sooo desires!


So here we go, My Dear Santa Letter: 

Click on image to make larger!

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Items in my letter that you can see for yourself in order:Serta by Vera Wang(yes she does beds now too!),Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Bed, Mazaro Boots from Duo Boots,Donna Karan Peep Toe Wedge Bootie,Rebecca Minkoff Affair Studded Bag.

So what is at the top of your list for Santa?

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