Curvy Can- Set out to promote a positive body image

Curvy Can - I'm not a fashion victim

Through the mirage of a size zero being the only size deemed beautiful, are advocates who stand up and speak out. These advocates challenge body image, size diversity, and awareness within the fashion industry. Another campaign exposing, educating, and empowering women through promoting a positive body image is the Italian-based campaign- Curvy Can.

The gorgeous Italian plus models (left to right): Eleonora Finazzer, Mjriam Bon, Elisa D’Ospina, Marina Ferrari, Latvian model Aija Barzdina, and laying down, Valentina Fogliani; join forces for the campaign to pose for photographer Luca Patrone to help support body image and draw awareness to eating disorders  in the fashion industry through Curvy Can.

Referenced last week, Curvy Can is a campaign championed by Jonas Onlus. He is an Italian research and educating clinic involved in research, training and intervention on anorexia, bulimia, add depression.  Curvy Can also addresses the effects of current social discourse amongst these with Italo Izzo, the communications manager for Curvy Can.

Curvy Can’s premise for the campaign is to rally against the pressures and harsh expectations on size throughout the fashion industry. They also aim to promote a positive body image. Understanding the pressures faced within the industry, these six plus size models joined this campaign, three of whom (Aija, Mjriam and Valentina) battled and/or witnessed the degradation of anorexia and bulimia.

On a cooler note, these three are now successful plus size models. Marina, Elisa, and Eleonora launched their careers as plus size models. These three raise awareness of a positive body image through their own personal efforts.

Curvy Can’s campaign consists of:

  • I’m Not a Fashion Victim” poster
  • National video campaigns featured on television and websites throughout Italy
  • School educational programs with Jonas Onlus

What do you think of this initiative? is this one that you are excited to support? Let us know in the comments below… 

To find out more about the campaign, please visit Curvy Can’s FaceBook fan page.

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