The Coleen Bow Giveaway and review

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French Plus size label Coleen BowA few weeks ago, I featured the French plus size designer Coleen Bow.  This French designer (Sonia and Nathalie) fashioned a collection to allow women to be free and fashionable without the fuss or constraints fashion sometimes bestows upon the curvier woman.

Being completely in love with their contemporary easy and free style aesthetic, I fashioned my favorites for a product review (read: they sent to me). Last week, my package arrived for me to review!  And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!

I chose three items, and how gracious they were in sending me all three! I chose these:



The Zola Robe: A tulip collar, embroidery and lace pockets, dress in denim fabric.

Why I love it: On trend dress with very sweet details with just the right balance of spice! This classic will sit in my wardrobe for a very long time! I can rock with flats, heels and boots! A great piece to carry me through the Summer!

Aroma Dress: Mixture of materials, set of buttons, embroidery, lace pockets, collar and tulip details!

Why I love it: My boho luxe appetite is fulfilled here with the sheer dress (slip is needed) added to my Frye boots adds an ease of wear, with a dose of sophistication!

Aroma Chemise: A lightweight fabric with gold accents and delicate, this long shirt pocket can also be worn as an over shirt.


Why I love it: An understated sophistication for day or night! This tunic can be paired with jeans or a fitted dress- giving my new find legs! I love a piece I can wear at least three ways!  This shimmer of fabric adds just enough fancy and the sleeves rolled up, add just enough tude!

So here is the GREAT NEWS!

YOU CAN SCORE YOUR OWN PIECE FROM Coleen BOW! Coleen Bow has partnered with The Curvy Fashionista for our FIRST GIVEAWAY!

Starting today, May 31st, through next Monday, June 7th at midnight (Pacific standard time) you have the chance to score a delectable French plus size frock from Coleen Bow!

Here are the details:

Leave a comment below, with one of your favorite pieces from Coleen Bow! This means you have to peep out their site, come back and share with us what your favorite piece is!

It is that easy!  Who would love to win a fabulous designer plus size piece from FRANCE??

Winner will be chosen via for all fairness!

Ready? Set. GO!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. OMG! What a nice nice giveaway!! Thanks for hosting this!

    I love love love the first two pieces that you are wearing! The Zola Robe and the Aroma Dress. I’ve been looking for an stunna’ outfit for an all white party that’s later this summer and that would definitely be a head-turner!

  2. Awesome. If I don’t win the Aroma dress, I will die!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this designer. Thank you for turning me on to them. I am going to in turn, put my readers onto them too.

    FYI – I love the Chemise Aroma, Chemise Poetic, and Veste Cassiope, well, it’s safe to say, I love the entire collections.

  3. I must say this is an awesome giveaway!

    After checking out the website I must say I fell in love with the Blouse Débardeur Aroma. I am insanely girl-y girl and I can do so much with this piece in my wardrobe. I can belt it, wear it with lace leggings, under a blazer, oh the possibilities…

  4. I love the arome 1, it is gorgeous! It was hard to pick a favorite though,I also was digging the orion 2. But my pick would be arome 1 and I have the perfect heels to rock with it!

  5. Wow lucky you, I love the pieces you chose! Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    So I would choose the T Shirt Aroma, I love the print, it is so effortlessly chic, I can dress it up or down and rock it either way! 😀

  6. Great giveaway! All the styles are so fab, especially love the Retro Chic collection. I think I love the blouse debardeur Cassandre, it the perfect mix of feminine and military style, I need it! Thanks for the have a great contest!

  7. I’m going to have to agree with you about the Aroma Dress. How gorgeous is that dress! So whimsical. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  8. Thank you for showcasing this designer. Veste Cassiopee is my favorite piece because it’s “me”. I like the light weight fabric, which is perfect for our strange Bay Area weather. I like the neutral colors,I love the designs on the fabric, I love the beautiful feminine designs around the cuff and the hem and the small detail on the back is a nice suprise

  9. Wow, such beautiful clothes! My favorite is the Cassiopeia Jacket (or Veste Cassiopée). Love that it is breezy and easy, but with beautiful delicate details.

  10. Absolutely love the Chemise Arome! So delicate and feminine, love the empire waist and fabric details!

    Thanks so much for writing on all these amazing fatshions and designers – it is such an education!

  11. It’s so hard to pick just one! I want the entire retro collection! I’m especially in love with the Veste Longue Orion Grise.

    I would love to shop this site … but it doesn’t look like there is an english option … or am I missing something?

  12. I love the T-Shirt Carré Orion. Their whole collection looks very nice, I just wish they would do more business stuff as well 🙂

  13. I LOVE the Arome Robe! The entire collection was haute! I really liked the Cassandre Pantalones too….those were a close second. 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!

  14. Loved the little flowered dress that everyone is talking about – also white crop pants that looked like linen – so light and pretty!

  15. jaime beaucoup many things..
    but most of all it would be le robe zola.
    mostly because i’m ALL things ruffles right now. but my primary 2 reasons
    1. it has pockets. (why all dresses dont have dresses are beyond me)
    2. it can be worn in all seasons (and as a Canadian..if i find something that can be worn year’s a win-win!!)

  16. I’m a sucker for a pant that not only is fashionable itself, but really allows me to show off a great shoe (and no, not just the toe of a really great shoe) – so for me, the Pantacourt Zola has my vote.

    It’s simple, but not at the same time and the ankle strapping allows for the wearing of a killer heel!

  17. Ooo I really really like the T-Shirt Aroma, Veste Longue Orion Grise, and the Robe Zola. However I LOVE the Robe Arome with the Combi Marquerite. Really, I am feeling their whole Retro Chic line!

  18. I’m a sucker for a pant that not only is fashionable itself, but really allows me to show off a great shoe (and no, not just the toe of a really great shoe) – so for me, the Pantacourt Zola has my vote.

    It’s simple, but not at the same time and the ankle strapping allows for the wearing of a killer heel!

  19. What a great find! I’ve never heard of this designer and I love love love! Great giveaway too! I love the long gray Orion jacket (veste longue Orion grise), but if it’s that long on the model it would probably hit the floor on me! I’m so short, lol! I also love the Arome shirt (chemise Arome)! The fabric is gorgeous and I love all the details on it that add so much visual interest. So pretty!

  20. I’m not tryng to enter twice but I had a change of heart and love the Chemise M3/4 Aroma more. The picture on this site changed my mind. The site should show people wearing the pieces as well.

  21. I viewed the Coleen Bow website and I just love the Aroma 2. It looks sexy and casual. It can be dressed up real easy with sexy sandals to make it an friday evening with the girls fit. Thanks

  22. I’m definitely in LOVE with the ROBE ZOLA…I’m a denim fanatic and its hard to find different styles in denim for plus size women! It’s a very creative & sheek dress and it looks like its not a stuffy material for the summer. I like that there is an option that allows you to either leave your arms out or you can wear a short sleeve and turn it into a jumper dress! Even if I don’t win this giveaway, what is the price of that dress because I would like to purchase it! & also MISS CURVY FASHIONISTA:LOVED THE FASHION SHOW…SAW IT ON YOUTUBE…ONLY 1 THING YOU LACKED ONSTAGE…ME LOLZ J/K…BUT I’D LIKE TO KNOW THE PRICE TO SOME OF YOUR OUTFITS AS WELL!

  23. Fabulous designs… so hard to choose just one.

    But I love Blouse Débardeur Jasmin. So pretty and a fab shape too!

  24. I love, Love, LOVE the Aroma Robe! It’s perfect for the summer and it give you some options to dress it up or down! I have some hot orange & gold heels that would set it off! 🙂

  25. I have been looking for a denim dress all season and the Robe Zola has the most character of any that I have seen. I absolutely adore it!

  26. I love being exposed to plus sized designers. I checked out the website and my favorite piece is Blouse Débardeur Aroma. It has that lady-like feel that I love from retro looks but doesn’t look like it came from my grandmother’s closet.
    Actually, the whole Retro Chic line is awesome.

  27. Hehe–I’m entering, Marie!! 😀

    My favorite is the Blouse Débardeur Aroma. GORGEOUS!!! <333 and soooo versatile. 😀

    Woohoo for awesome giveaways! and SOOO glad i got to meet you in person, Marie! 😀

    xo Allison

  28. This is a great give-away,Marie! After meeting you this week, this line is SO you. Love it. My favorite overall look is #9 from the Retro Chic collection – they way the tunic layers under the jacket, the color paletter. So chic!


  29. Arome 1 (Aroma 1) is beautiful – it does refine your silhouette and it makes you stand out from the rest. This is my favorite although there are a few others I love – I am loving this. You can wear this to a dinner or a a nice romantic evening. I could also wear this out and about when I want to show my curves and let everyone know that although I am curvy – I still and always will love myself and be free.


  30. Hands down for me….the Pantacourt Zola! Those are some of the hottest denimn I have seen and quite a loooong time. Sometimes you don’t want to do the skinny jean but you want to rock something different, it these joints fit the bill.

  31. Ooh Lala! How do you expect us to pick just one!?
    I love them all. Her attention to detail and design is refreshing and unique.
    Always a romantic ~ Robe Arome ~ would make me happy in any season.
    Runners up:
    Blouse Boule Cassiopée
    Veste Cassiopée

    Thanks for featuring and for the contest!

  32. ever since i cut my hair and have been wearing it in a tumble of curls and waves, i have developed a thing for ruffles. so of course, i’m loving the zola dress. the ruffled collar and the detail at the bottom make all the difference. i would probably cinch it in with a belt but it would be one of my favorite denim pieces.

    i’m also in love with the aroma chemise for all the reasons you named. you rocked it so right in your pix. and the cassandra tank blouse with the pantaloon cassandra with a pair of nude peep-toe slingbacks? that’s a perfect date outfit.

    thanks for introducing me to another designer.

  33. The Blouse Débardeur Aroma is HAUTE! It was a very hard choice to make since everything is Fabulous. The sheerness and shape of the blouse is figure flattering. The blouse can be dressed up or down. Daytime or Nightlife! If I were wearing this piece during the day I would accent it with layers of pearl and goldtone necklaces and a pearl or goldtone drop earring and white linen wide leg trousers. Getting for the nightlife? I would pair the blouse with white leggings, goldtone rock glam accessories perhaps Rachel Roy’s spike necklace and earrings, metallic pumps and a cool clutch. Coleen Bow thank you for bringing real fashion to the curvy fashionista! I do have one request…is it possible have an option on the website to change the language or perhaps I just need to brush up on my French.

  34. I ADORE this site! Thanks so much for turning me on to this designer. It is so refreshing to see fashion forward items in my size! I’m a big fan of the Blouse-casiopee…also the Zola dress is right in line with what I want to be wearing this summer!

    Thanks again!


  35. Blouse Boule Cassiopée (part of Indian Princess collection)! I love the hippie chic aesthetic – not to mention, I’m literally an Indian Princess. 🙂

  36. Robe Zola is the perfect piece for me, I can rock it as a dress, a vest, and I love the design, glamourous, feminie, chic, perfect for prissi chic, (hee hee)

  37. Always in the market for new plus size designers-THANK YOU!!
    I actually fell in love with the “Veste Longue Orion Grise”. Light, airy, nuetral tone–perfect for Florida. I have actually been looking for something just like this for ages!

  38. Its between the Aroma Dress and Robe Zola… I like the Jean dress.. just not sure how long it would be on me since I’m Petite 🙂 love the detail of the items though..


  39. Thanks, Marie, for introducing me this fabulous designer duo. I am very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I would like to win the Chemise Arome from the Retro Chic collection! Its a fresh yet feminine take on the classic men’s button up. I love it!

  40. I love the tunic, it looks like something I can wear while conducting business and then make a few changes and be ready for evening life!

  41. I LOVE the Indian collection and especially the sea t shirt that ties at the waist….everything is gorgeous, the beading the details….I would love to own anything by Ms. Coleen Bow!!!! I hope she ships to the USA because I have friends that would totally buy her clothes! We need this in our country, we are very limited. Thanks!!!!!

  42. Gosh, so many things I like. The chemise poetique is beautiful, but I think my favourite item is *drumroll* the Veste Cassardre. Such a great cut, I can see it working with all kinds of outfits.

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